Monday, May 25, 2009

have you heard about the 3 men who meditated?

3 men were to meditate in a cave for 100 years.

Since they will be in there for a long time, each men were given one wish to ask for something that they want to keep them entertained in the duration of 100 years.

The first man is a womanizer. Thus, he asked for Playgirl-like women to keep him company in the cave.
The second man is a bookworm. Thus, he asked for enough books to last him for a century.
The third man is a heavy smoker. Thus, he asked for enough cigarettes to last him for 100 years.

Guess what happens to them after they were released 100 years later?
(assuming that men can live that long)

The first man was released and you can see that his cave was infested by children of all ages. They literally crawled all over the cave.

The second man came out fully educated and intelligent and could answer all of the questions posed on him.

The third man came out, looking all stressed out, and rushed to the first person he saw and asked:
"Bang, ada lighter tak?"


why.don' said...

the third man shud ask the second man how to make a lighter.they hav 100 years to invent a lighter.(why i'm so serious?)

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

serius la ask ni.hahaha

Igniz said...

nape takde sesapa pun di antara mereka bertiga yg gunakan wish tu untuk mintak lagi 7 wishes??kan best....XD

Merissa K. said...

cave diorg separated laaaaaaaaa.

thats why laaa kan. hahahaha.

you can only ask for one thing la, bukan one wish. i salah cerita. hahaha