Friday, February 21, 2014

Clark Kent

He came :
from a distant star
out of nowhere
rather mystically

He was
more of the silent (and salient) kind ;
more watching than narrating
more observing than commenting
more doing than talking

He carried
a secret
a past
a passion for passion

He had
a weakness
- kryptonite,
and I
had a weakness
for him

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen Waves With a Tinge of Sunrise

(Koh Lipe, 2014)

The North Star stood in all its glorious glimmer against the blue indigo sky.
The sun is about to come up but I think the bright star is not ready for a shift off the throne just yet.

That was my dream about him last night - the North Star.

The nights with him are exactly how nights are meant to be - absorbed in conversations that make you completely oblivious to the act of night turning to day.
Nights that let you travel from ecstasy to insanity and back.

Half devastatedly in love, half preparing for my heart to be broken.
(and note that there is a massive difference between 'preparing' and 'expecting')
Torn between hoping and not having expectations.

After all, a promise not made is a promise not broken.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Earth. Wind. Fire. Water.

Earth was confused.
When she sits on top of the mountains, she stands on tiptoe, reaching outwards towards the night sky.
At the same time, she has an impulsive need to be grounded.
That is why she sometimes find herself torn between two worlds, stuck between two extremes.

Wind was a frantic being.
Always swaying every which way.
Sometimes with humble passion, sometimes in fierce force.
Easily adaptable.
She travels to every nook and crannies, searching for questions, searching for answers.
She is known for her ferocity and she finds herself being called upon each time she sat too still.

Fire was warm and jovial.
But to get her in that state, one has to keep her calm.
Once enraged, she burns and burns.
She brings with her both civilization and destruction of civilization.
Her passion drives her forward. When contained, she can lit up a room. When set free, she roams far.
At the end of the day, she always gets what she wants.

Warer was the one always in control. Flowing, but in control.
She can't be left stagnant.
She is regal in her movement and certainly not an element you would want to cross.
Not a character that will hold back, as you can guess.
You will do well to recognize her ability to be fluid in her stillness.

When the four of them get together, it is truly a convention of all sorts!
With Fire and Water crackling and hissing at one another, Wind fanning Fire out in an attempt to calmly soothe her.
The elements blend wel together, filling in each other's gaps and filling up each other's voids.
Assembled together, they rule Nature, rocking shores with their collective presence.

The Two Stars That Almost Collided But Didn't

Amongst the speckled stars, they were the only ones zooming forth, standing out in between their static neighbours.

It happened quickly.
They were headed towards one another, like polar magnet dust.
It was unplanned and it was inevitable.

The other stars silently flickered, watching in mute interest.

The two stars inched closer. 
They were both moving in constant acceleration.
If they kept going at the same pace, they will clash into each other's embrace and then - SUPERNOVA!

There will be explosions and mini-explosions.
There will be sparks and fire everywhere.
They'll morph into shooting stars.

Their audience kept still.
Waiting for the impact to create a show to entertain them.

They are fractions away from one another now.
There's only the sound of breath being held.
And then - nothing.

Turns out they were on different heights the whole time.
Aligned, but on different tracks.

(Koh Lipe)

(Image : The Night The Stars Fell To The Sea,
Courtesy of Cedric Canard)


I am writing this with some salt between the pages.
If you're wondering what that means - don't.
It's not an ancient proverb by any means.
It simply means that not all things mean something.

"Grass will always be greener on the other side."
Not necessarily so.
It's just a matter of perception, yes?
It's human tendency, after all, to be constantly chasing 'something better'. 
The problem lies in the theory that equates 'something better' with 'something i dont have'.