Thursday, February 20, 2014

Frozen Waves With a Tinge of Sunrise

(Koh Lipe, 2014)

The North Star stood in all its glorious glimmer against the blue indigo sky.
The sun is about to come up but I think the bright star is not ready for a shift off the throne just yet.

That was my dream about him last night - the North Star.

The nights with him are exactly how nights are meant to be - absorbed in conversations that make you completely oblivious to the act of night turning to day.
Nights that let you travel from ecstasy to insanity and back.

Half devastatedly in love, half preparing for my heart to be broken.
(and note that there is a massive difference between 'preparing' and 'expecting')
Torn between hoping and not having expectations.

After all, a promise not made is a promise not broken.

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