Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Two Stars That Almost Collided But Didn't

Amongst the speckled stars, they were the only ones zooming forth, standing out in between their static neighbours.

It happened quickly.
They were headed towards one another, like polar magnet dust.
It was unplanned and it was inevitable.

The other stars silently flickered, watching in mute interest.

The two stars inched closer. 
They were both moving in constant acceleration.
If they kept going at the same pace, they will clash into each other's embrace and then - SUPERNOVA!

There will be explosions and mini-explosions.
There will be sparks and fire everywhere.
They'll morph into shooting stars.

Their audience kept still.
Waiting for the impact to create a show to entertain them.

They are fractions away from one another now.
There's only the sound of breath being held.
And then - nothing.

Turns out they were on different heights the whole time.
Aligned, but on different tracks.

(Koh Lipe)

(Image : The Night The Stars Fell To The Sea,
Courtesy of Cedric Canard)


Elena said...

Fithri Natasha.

It is good to have you back. I have missed you.

Anonymous said...

Are stars meant to collide with each other?

Merissa K. said...

Iylia Elena.

It's good to be refreshed and reminded. As always.

I've missed you too.

Merissa K. said...

Some stars are meant to, some aren't. Some are meant to sparkle and rage by itself. Some will interact with others and share their glow.

God knows best.

Anonymous said...

this is interesting. the way u see it shows how much u appreciate what u have around you. ive seen stars all my life but never came across this; appreciation. but dont u think that if stars out there are meant to strike with each other, we humans will have beautiful scene every night?

Merissa K. said...

In certain parts of the world, it IS possible to see a stream of shooting stars in the space of one night!

Sometimes, i feel like it's not about the infrastructure of the world but more about how we perceive them. One moment spent on stargazing is a moment not wasted on petty thoughts! :)

Anonymous said...

you are a traveler, arent you? or you are so into books? i didnt know that there are places in this world that give you that possibility of watching shooting stars more than once in just one night! tell me the place, i need to channel out all of my wishes! :)

Merissa K. said...

I'd like to think I'm both. :)
I remember reading about how a couple of years back, in certain parts of Europe, on a night of meteor shower, some 600 shooting stars can be see within AN HOUR!

How nuts is that?

Imagine! Who needs genies in lamps/bottles when you have THAT!

But on a more serious note, if you're open to being romanced by stars, i think there's gonna be another shooting star fest on April 22nd. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

shooting star fest? they make an event out of it?! :O

Merissa K. said...

Well, THEY don't. But YOU surely can if you want to!

Anonymous said...

talking about stars, im libra. and you are?