Thursday, May 14, 2009

he likes them young

oh so now he's taking on the 16 year old.
who has the name like my late reptile.

Mr. Damian Martinez,
i hope you're worth it.

i know you're never gonna read this.

but please,
if this guy proves to be half as good as Almunia
dont find stupid flimsy ways to let him walk.

its a bit too early to say things like these
but im tired of
coming to the office and getting bashed

please dont add another reason for us to be laughed at.

eh apa aku merepek ni.

Go Gunners!


hadio said...

gunners? naaaaaahhhhhh

che 4-1 ars haha :P

Merissa K. said...

yes yes i tahu.
even if i didnt knw, my colleagues spent the entire morning mocking me about it (mcm la saya yg main for arsenal!)


Igniz said...

ciannye cik tasha..
don't worry. sy baik hati. sy tak ejek or gelakkan cik tasha pun bila arsenal terpaksa give up selepas hanya 11 minit bermain di 2nd leg champions league semi final a few weeks back..kan?


Merissa K. said...


nuff said.