Thursday, May 14, 2009

i solemnly promise not to talk as loud!

I watched Bohsia last night.

Lesbian date with InaBasta. Ngeeh. Dah la rambut same length! But then again lesbo couples rarely look the same kan? Kan? Kan?
(wouldn’t know sebab saya tak pernah ada lesbian relationship.curious sebenarnya, but lets get more into that in a different post okay?)

There’s this chick in that movie bearing my name (takde nama lain ke haa?) and OMFG she was uber loud! And she says ‘dowh’ repeatedly.

“Gua penat DOWWWH”
“Lu apehal DOWHH nak cari pasal dgn gua”

Double Bleugh.
Triple Bleugh.

Im soo gonna find a replacement word for dowh.


hadio said...

inform me when u hv 1
i nid it also haha

Merissa K. said...


as of now, im encouraging suggestions! XD

talian dibuka sekarang!

Igniz said...

maybe u can change it into 'wowh'..or 'lowh'..or 'bah'..or 'meh'..or 'kap'? hm, 'kap' sounds nice..

"lu pehal KAP nak carik pasal dgn gua??"XD

Bossster... said...


[YeOp] said...

wak lu! hahaha~ :P

s h a g o o said...

bagaimana dengan SD dan SBD dan juga SDD.
owh tidak!

Merissa K. said...

kap sounds like a fish species.

kan? mcm ikan kan?

is that not a totally different word altogether? haha.

oh yeahhh nampak nya tak blh replace dowh. we just have to ( I just have to) use the word dgn lebih lemah lembut instead of going DOWWWWWHH. hahahaha.
kan sha kan?