Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dissing The One from Togo.

oh no.
in general i do not have anything against people of the Togo nation.
but a particular one called Emmanuel Adebayor, i have a problem with.

it has nothing to do with conforming to all the other Arsenal fans.
no no no.

its just that, amidst all this kelam kabut of his move to Man City, my (pretty pretty Anna Sui themed) iGoogle page has been infested with his stupid statements. And now that im all stressed out due to some unfortunate workload (oh hello procrastination!) ive decided to lash out on what an egomaniac that ass of Ronaldo-punya-tahap-conceited player is.


"The way the fans behaved towards me was not nice at all. I cant understand why they were after me. I scored 30 goals in a season - it's not my fault that Milan, Barcelona or Real Madrid wanted to sign me. In any summer, Barcelona try to sign Cesc Fabregas. But the fans never turned on him."

Get what i mean about him being pompous?

Yeah. Okay so he scored 30 goals back in the 07/08 season. Stop holding on to that dork! In the 08/09 season, his goals-to-games ratio was pathetic. I guess he was too comfortable thinking that he's the man and all.

The only thing i remembered him do in the last season was the half-okay performance when they were against Villareal. Besides that, nada. If i would want to be grateful about anyone's existance in the team last season, it definitely wont be Adebayor's. Kudos will have to go to say Arshavin (and perhaps even Bendtner) but not Mr Emmanuel here, no.

And yeah, be a sore loser and try to put the lights on Fabregas instead. Haha. At least Cesc wasnt being a greedy asshole. Unlike some people.

I dont know what Man City has up their sleeves, paying 25mil for a jerk like that. Haha. i guess theyre hoping that he'd do wonders and magic for them this coming season. Well, good luck with that. At least we are now 25 mil richer and one asshole shorter.


lash out session ends here.

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