Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i will not infiltrate this post with the ugly posters. 'nuff said

From the first time i saw the advert for the movie 'Sayang, You Can Dance' at the cinemas, ive been secretly wanting to watch it. Bagi moral support kat Gadaffi la konon. Well, i finally downloaded it from UTP's super duper coolyawesome file sharing network and ive to say that im glad i did not make anyone watch the movie with me at the cinema.

All that will get me is surely a whack in the head.

I saw the actors, and yeah its a Malay movie, but Samuel Rizal Sharifah Amani(who looks like a bad combo of a Mushroom and Chibimaruko btw) you would expect it couldnt have been that bad. Boy, was i wrong!

Pardon the lack of creativity in that one. hahah. PC is fucked up, tak boleh nak install Adobe. And thats what you get from Paint + laziness at 3 in the morning!

Anyway, back to what i was saying. It was pure crap. I mean, im sorry. But the script was badly written. The konon-konon Save the Last Dance dancesteps was badly choreographed ( i mean Heck! Star-D could have done a muuuuchh better job at it). The story line was more than predictable. And it was like watching a bad bad remake of Tan Sri P. Ramlee's Antara Dua Darjat.


At times like this, i mourn for Yasmin Ahmad.

Im sorry for gushing out about a movie that you might not even know existed. But im pissed cuz i spent over an hour of my time that couldve been better used elsewhere. tidur ke. ciss.

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