Wednesday, July 29, 2009

inguinal hernia - i think you would wanna see this.

I came across this term on Ira's blog.

Anyways. The term inguinal hernia piqued my interest and thus leading to the part where i googled it.

Basically, in non-medic terms (to enhance the understanding of those yang fail Bio and yang nak dekat dekat dail mcm saya), inguinal hernia is basically a bulge on one or both sides of the groin. This is due to a part of the intestines that slipped out from its orbit. Heheh. Ada pahamm?

Anyways, its more common in men as opposed to women.

Getting to my point, the whole bulge thing was not what caught my attention. It was the picture i saw in wiki.

As you can see, there's a bulge on the top left part of the picture. Again, thats not my point.

Check out how smallllllll the dude's peenis is!!! Waahahahaha. Wee penis! Weenis!!! LOL.

Okay, so thats not very nice of me ( i hope that doesnt equate me to end up married to a guy with a smallie like that due to karma retribution). I swear im not a pervert, i just thought that this is effing hilarious. Hehehe.

To those who cant take a joke like a good sport, go away! Im sick. and i have the rights to entertain myself in the midst of my sickness. XD

p/s: the bulge itself is bigger than the whole thing that might be called a penis. LOL


Just_najmiE said...

miahahahaha, it's really2 effin' small!!..

makes u wander what people with small penis do in the bedroom with their wife.. :p ok, too much use of imagination.. (-_-""

get well soon!!

Merissa K. said...

kaaaaaaaaaan? heheh.

god knows. i think that was how dildos got invented in the first place. XP

oh thanks dear. :) thats just awfully sweet of u..

Igniz said...

u cannot judge someone's penis based on that..i read it somewhere, ada jenis penis yg boleh mengecut (mengecil dari saiz biasa bila tak erect)and mengembang..bila kecut, kecik je nampak..mcm gambar tu..bila kembang (erect), berganda2 saiznya..

normal penis bersaiz biasa and then mengembang..but in this case, ia boleh mengecut, biasa and mengembang..

so we cannot judge the size of one's penis when it's not erected.

i can't believe i'm actually talking about other man's penis. haha.XD

IRA said...

omg merissa! u really did post an entry about inguinal hernia after reading my blog! hahahahahahah lawak la u!

btw yeah, thumbs up to ur curiosity!

now imagine me checking a patient with inguinal hernia, pergh..berpeluh2 jugak la i! ;p

p/s : hiii i'm ira! hahaha ;p

Merissa K. said...

hehe. hello ira!!! :)

i told you i would, didnt i? *winks*

that piece u wrote was interesting, albeit a tad bit disturbing. hehehe. kudos to doctors (and of course, med students).

i think id burst out laughing if i see something like that. thatll surely scare some patients away. hehe.

p/s: hiii i'm tasha! hahaha ;p

Adam said...

if that penis read ur post, i dont think it could get any smaller (out of shame) ahahahahaha..wenis!

Merissa K. said...

and i thot i was being mean. ;p
all hail adam! :D

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