Monday, October 25, 2010

Arsenal vs. Manchester City

after 45 minutes of nail-biting, they made a comeback.

Nasir, Bendtner, Song,
tonight korang lelaki paling handsome atas muka bumi! 

Thank you Fabianski, for not pulling a Rob Green.

Thank you Adebayor, for the almost-own-goal. It wouldve been so much better if it wasnt an 'almost'. Imagine the entire Arsenal team sliding in front of Man City's supporters, showing off,  just like you did last season. Imagine. Fuh. That would be swell!

Thank you.

Thank you for not being a disappointment tonight.
Thank you for this feeling of triumph! (you know how long it has been..)
Thank you for making it worth skipping studying for my test. 


Igniz said...

Minggu ni my fantasy football points rendah...wuhu. T_T

Merissa K. said...

wuish. awal you bangun!

tu lah tu lah. hey btw, u guys won the game too, i noticed.

was hoping we would get more than a 2-1 win because that would just put us on the same par as MU and Livvie.



Igniz said...

wuish! eceh, perli nampak?

haih...what to do? we had to play on equal ground... 11 vs. 11.

hoho. :P

Hani said...

the only thing that made me smile last nite was Fabregas missed penalty.

I was like, IN YOUR FACE!!! haha

den i off to sleep when it was 0-1 (lost hope daa haha), i woke up to 0-3.


it was home gameeeeeee!!!

hope u dont mind comment from the other side of the pitch haha

Merissa K. said...

Ijan :
alaa kasi can laa. i bukan selalu dapat chance nak show off pun. hahah.

eyh. even tho man city ten man, they were reaaly strong and really fast okay! the ten of them is still equivalent to the eleven of the gunners.

but it doesnt matter, yang penting, 3-0. haha.

hani :
ohh that was dumb of him, i know. haha. i think he was trying to pull off a reverse psycho, tapi tak jadi.

konon2 nak make it really obvious that he was gonna kick to the right hoping that the keeper will thus think that 'fabregas cant possibly want to attempt and easy goal' and thus jumped to the left.

needless to say, it didnt work. haha. tension gila okay i time tu!

if i mind, then i would be a sore loser no? ;)

Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez said...

haha. his name is nasri. nasir tu my dad. hahaha.
anyway great game kan? sukanyaaa!!!

manialt said...

i don't mind listening to comments or jeers from the other side. what i really annoyed with is to hear suara2 sumbang team yg x de kene mengena dgn ini wayang gambar pon. result team ko sindri pon ko x tau. sah2 la match ko x tgk. menunjukkan ko poser. pastu nk bising2 time lalu n tgk kejap match team lain kt cafe. ape cer dowh. this is emo, i know. haha. not intended to anybody here though. except you are (insert team here) fan (read=poser).

Merissa K. said...

Boss : haha typo sorry sorry.

Manialt : hehe each to their own. *clink* :)

anon sudey said...

baru perasan kt name boss ade 2 name player arsenal. eh x. ade 3. carlos vela, eduardo (ex player pun kire gak) n nas ri/ir. haha