Saturday, November 1, 2008

orang French gila.

I just got back from McD.

Had a satisfyingly fattening Big Mac. I didnt even get to eat the fries though.
Somebody stole it when i wasnt looking.

Mid-supper, Azik and I went to pick up the Three French Musketeers from RJ. Long story. With their non stop supply of french jokes that i simply couldnt get( i mean seriously, i cant even fake gelak pun) and Sebastian falling asleep on the chair at McD and teasings about Arnaud who got hit on by a gay Malay guy, it was a real something.

On the way back to UTP, we stopped by to put in more petrol so that Ain will be happy when we returned the car back to her. The guys wanted to pitch in.

I was thinking more along the lines of RM3 each but they gave us a 50note.

Zul gave them the change, which they simply refused to take.

Zul and Arnaud was practically fighting in the car asking the other one to keep the money. Arnaud kept repeating
"No no no. U keep it. Its for all those trips to mamak! Please keep it. If u give it back to me im just going to stuff it in my pocket and forget all about it."

We were wrestling in the car to get the money back in his pocket. But when we dropped them off, we saw the stash of money curled up at the back seat.

Ah you silly French people.

I want to be that rich too that i could simply throw away 50RM just like that.

Conclusion is, i hate being broke.

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