Friday, October 31, 2008

lapar kot

we have to be positive.
and look at life like a bowl full of Mee Ruski.



Obefiend said...

ran out of duit scholar i presume?

ah bless...... the good old days of meggi or indomee

i ate just that for 3 years for dinner. it is not surprising that after changing my diet i gained 20 plus kilos


Merissa K. said...

i ran out of duit scholar dah one sem dah. tsk.

damn those consequence management. gpa tak sampai 2.5. shriek!

i yearn for your days when they dont have yucky rules like that. ughhh.

are u friggin kidding me about that 20 kilos or are u just exaggerating? either way, yeah, dayummmmmmmm!


Obefiend said...

diet outside utp is over 9000 time beter than in utp

its either ALI cafe or meggi

i chose megi coz i can guarantee no lalat shit and eggs on my food

ali cafe in the other hand....... lol