Friday, October 24, 2008

teringat lagi

1:15 AM me: which one?
sayang: the major crush lah
guess what sayng
me: what?
sayang: since we got 2gether
theres no other girl in my head
its just u
only u
1:16 AM me: awwwwhhh...
hugs ami
sayang: i x terfikir pasal perempuanlain pon
hugs tasha back
me: no other girl?
ami, ur the sweetest thing ever kay!!
1:17 AM ur so adorable!
sayang: tasha
ur the nicest human being in the whole world
1:18 AM ur are all the good things

1 comment:

Amir Hamzah said...

hot damn!! 9.30 til 1am??
:P i believe everyone had a share of their own version of lovey-dovey cornyness. they'd be lying if they say they don't. haha!!