Monday, October 13, 2008

Zaman Muda Muda

I still remember the first time i kicked your shin.
I was so lousy at futsal. I probably still am. Hee.

You were this astonishing creature that ive never came across in my life before. You didnt so much as blinked being surrounded by a group of girls baywatching around with a football. Nor did you try to chat up any of them. Even when we made conversations(and perhaps flirted a little) it was like you didnt even notice our existance.

I pondered upon it for a while. And then the answer came to me. You didnt notice other girls because you already had a girlfriend. The discovery of your innocent loyalty(or should i say loyal innocence?) struck a chord somewhere deep within me. I bet that was how Isaac Newton felt like upon discovering gravity.

Yes yes, maybe i'm exaggerating a little but suka hati aku lah kan? :P

From that point on, everything you did was cute.

It didnt matter that ur hair wasnt spiky and that you didnt play guitar. It wouldnt even have mattered if you peed in a longkang right before my eyes. I'd still find it cute.

Like an inexperienced girl having a crush on a guy for the first time, i grabbed every available opportunity to sit next to you, talk to you and crafted a card for your birthday.

I'd pretend to go to the toilet and ask the person sitting next to you to teman. In the toilet, i'd make her an offer she couldnt refuse(haha. did i even have the courtesy to offer u anything back then Na?) to trade places with me.

[Yes sayang, that was how i ended up sitting next to you during the movie]

Ohh. And i'd stalk your Myspace page to see how much better looking your girlfriend was compared to me. I'd do so many stupid little things that i thought was subtle, but obviously(excuse the pun) was not.

So one fine day, when my phone rang in the lab, showing an incoming message from you, i literally jumped up and down abandoning the chemicals reacting on the table. There are more important chemicals reaction i had to obsess about. :)

To be continued..

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