Thursday, October 30, 2008

im wearing shades to the mamak!

ive got a pink eye.
well, not exactly pink eye per se, but my right eye is bengkak
and now i only have half a view of the world.
whoop dee do!

saya sepet!
boleh jadi lucy liu!


Hani said...

beb be careful
now smoking at mamak boleh kne saman oke.

jeeeezzzzzzz. mcm berdose je!

Merissa K. said...

what???? is that some kind of a new law or something? whats happening to malaysia???? tell tell tell!

Adreen Nordin said...

mata bengkak? ape u tgk sha? muahahaha (evil laught)

Hani said...

ntah. its kinda they set a rule not to smoke in public. shopping complex, public transport ape sumela. even kedai makan.

now smoke in the car je la. huhu.

Merissa K. said...

i intai mamat french hot mandi kat swimming pool. hahahha.

keluar news ke babe?? memang tak kelakar aaaa. it cant be april's fool. its fucking october! wargfhghfjh. tensionn.