Monday, October 20, 2008

Tribute to Wan Maisara Amira Wan Aziz, the brightest chain in the link.

I got a phonecall while i was in the car.

"Sha, remember Ser? Wan Maisara?"
"Uhhuh. Whats with her?"
"She just passed away."

Ker-clunk. Phone jatuh.

Dear Wan Maisara Amira Wan Aziz,


You're such a pretty sweetheart with so much more in your future. And u amaze us all when u were so determined to fight ur lung cancer. U'll always remain a hero, baby.

I cried last night thinking of the little time that i did get to spend with Sara. Such a polite, kind-hearted person.

Oh, remember that night in school when we played the not-so-polite game of Spin the Bottle? Perhaps not the most appropriate moment to be picking on such memories. But i do remember how happy she seemed.

I talked to Iman last night and his condition was even worse than i wouldve thought. He's more emotionally damaged than me, thats for sure.

See Sara? Thats the effect you have on people.

Whatever happens, we'll always be thinking fondly of you. I love you babe. I hope things are better for u up there than they are for you down here. You're a real fighter and we'll never ever forget that.

Al-Fatihah again. Oh do please take a minute or two and sedekahkan one for her.

Monologue: I cant stop thinking about it without crying. She's my age. What if it was me instead of her last night. Sighhh.


missy siti said...

hey merissa..i dont knoe u..i just went to her dia dah selamat dikebumikan..yeah i miss her so much..tak rapat but as u said.she is such a kind and polite woman...may Allah bless her soul..masa dia dah selesai..and us?? just wait for our time too..thanks for ya comment dear

kekasih said...

it takes a great tragedy to open up our eyes
so we could see the world as it is
not as what we want
and try to do something with our life
instead of letting it pass by

maybe she would be happy to know she'd change her friends, into something better

because death, would always waiting upon our door