Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Has the war begun?

The MPPUTP election is here.
Normally i wouldnt have given a cat's ass.
Because no matter who i vote for the final result would be just the same.

But for the first time in years, im all hyped to vote.
For once, there are a bunch of people whose goals are not simply to turn UTP into an islamic university.
I have nothing against my religion. Its awesome and all that.
But seriously, there are better things to work on rather than getting people to stop dating at night.

A friend of mine is contesting.
For the first time, i see a free haired spirit running for candidacy.
The sad thing is, these 'righteous' people would go to all lengths to bring her down.
They tell people not to vote for her because she doesnt wear a headscarf.
And they terrorized her posters.

They drew headscarfs on the said posters and wrote under the belt comments like 'Wanna Free Sex?'. Dah la english kau broken, nak sabotage people somemore.
Fucking a-holes.

If you're good enough, you shouldnt be scared when somebody's competing against u.
You're only threatened because you know they're better than you.
You know they have better things to offer.

So dont go around putting other people's posters on fire(oh yes it happened). It just shows that uve got tiny balls. Go run home to Mummy and cry you sad extremists.

Phew. There goes.

Bottom line, Im voting because i want UTP to be a better place once i come back from internship. It has been a coconut shell we're sheltering under all this while.

I think its about time we saw the sky, dontcha think?

Here's to Sofia Shaharom, candidate #9. We're right behind you babe.


encikpundak said...

Good luck to your friend.

ayesha sha sha sha said...

what? 'wanna free sex'? mcm tu derang letak.. gile shallow minded.. kesian... it's a pity these are the kind of ppl that petronas chose to enter utp..it's good that u r still semangat utp.. unlike me.. i gave up during my 2nd year... haha.. say good luck to ur fren..

ayesha sha sha sha said...

n dah la grammartical error.. suruh masuk english class foundation balik la..

UTPtoday admin said...

kalo hamba berada di utp.. hamba akan tolong berkempen dan vote dia. Good Luck to Sofia Shaharom, candidate #9

Anonymous said...

Its just funny on how I see it here. It sounds like you're bias and will only support the free-haired spirits.

Its not like I have something against you and your friends or any free-haired girls but you just sound like that in one of your sentences up there.
Like you have an issue with the hijab girls, and doesnt even want to support or friends with them.

I dont know. Thats just how I see it anyways. But still, good luck to your friend then k?

Merissa K. said...

encik pundak
thanks thanks. id tell her u said so. :)

to b honest, i kinda gave up as well. somehow they got me all fired up again this election. haha. mari mari pergi mengundi. i dont have any class tomorrow but im getting up just because. :D

utptoday admin
saya tak mampu nak berkempen. saya mampu tulis blog saja. :) but she definitely has my vote.

i apologise if it seemed like im against those with hijab. im not. i just dont agree with their disagreeing method.

one of them particularly made a statement 'why would u wanna vote for her? she doesnt wear a headscarf?'

i find that very insulting. does the fact that she doesnt wear a hijab make her a bad leader? does it have any effect on her responsibilities?

i simply think its unfair to make such comments.

and on my particular quote that its the first time a free haired spirit ever ran for candidacy. i meant it. i dont think ive ever seen a girl who doesnt wear hijab ever run for candidacy before.

maybe its just me who was ignorant. but as far as i know, yeah, i dont think ive ever seen any other.

for the records, i dont have any qualms whatsoever with anyone(other than those who sabotages others). if ur good and u have real issues to talk about, im all up for it.

but hey thanks for the opinion. much appreciated. :)

Adreen Nordin said...

does my vote count too sha? kesian nye sofie. i wonder what does these 'katak bawah tempurung' have against free hair girls? Its been on and on everytime a free hair girl goes out on stage or run for president.
Have nothing against girls with hijab. But this is discrimination.

And to sofie.. i vote for you! tho i'm not there.

Chocolate said...

want a free sex?

so, if u're not wearing hijab, u do free sex lah. grrr. how shallow your mind is.

seriously, it's not just image. don't just judge the person by her look. so a pretty, look a bit bimbo girl can't run for president ke?

shes so pandai and responsible tau. thats what you people should look at. tasha, i boleh balik utp and vote ke?

Shira-chan said...

well, figures that would happen. utp is so full of retarded backward minded morons.

but hopefully, there'll be enough ppl who realise that a piece of cloth worn around the head does not maketh a leader. if it does, maybe we should get badawi to wear a headscarf too. wahaha.

and hopefully, our candidate is strong enough not to be bothered by such low attacks. but I'm guessing, since she was willing to run in the first place, she's definitely strong enough to handle it.

whatever it is, this will surely give courage to more open-minded candidates to run next time. and then maybe mpp will do something for students other than witch hunt couples and free-haired students.

Hani said...

tasha i still ter pk pk pk pk what gave her the idea to join the run. seriously. is it just the fire to change UTP. walaweyh so proud of her!

no seriously. i'd just do it for million bucks tho haha.

and as usual tiny weeny little balls hide under the name of anonymous. whatever.

send all my lucks to sofie k!

encikpundak said...

anonymous lagi. haih. no balls/breast ke mamat/minah ni

ur have ur opinion but still u r afraid to let us know who u r.

aku benci komen2 anonymous walaupun apa yang mereka kata itu betul

Obefiend said...

i've known 3 mmp presidents. one of them was my housemate a few years back. insane fellow who loves playing LAN games and shouting like an imbecile

he is still that crazy motherfucker i know back in UTP. really fun guy a pension for sick jokes and lol worthy gay jokes too.

that was then. a normal fellow and regular joe was the president

what happened to UTP lately. seems like the whole place is divided into 2. the pious and the demons

hahaa. but come to think of it. you guys can have music fest now. back in those days the rector wont allow students to have music fest. we were forced to organise the music fest in a club somewhere in ipoh

yeah. it was gay. but at least you dont see zeolous people trying to shove the bible down your throat

yeah i know its a bit late to komen but i like this topic very the much

Merissa K. said...

definite discrimination kan babe kan? and they say WE are the ones yg ada problem with them. sick. sick.

yeahh babe. u really shdve blk and vote. we lost btw. because they use the usual tricks. juniors. oh well i just hope that they wont give up.

uve summed it up quite perfectly. haha. nothing i can add. :D

as if the personal desicion not to wear tudung makes her a bad leader kan? thats the one thing i cannot get.

i personally think its better to be like us and tak dengki kat org rather than wear tudung and konon konon righteous sgt tapi tgh malam go and bakar and take down other people's posters.

pathetic im telling you.

ive nothing left to say about our mr anon. haha.

anyhoos. its not just her. theres 5 of em i think. party pembangkang u might say. we were all voting for em guys.

too bad for them that their campaign has been sabotaged tho. i seriously think theyd make quite a change here.

their manifesto was superb. tho ud feel like strangling the audience who kept on coming up with comments like 'kau ingat rambut kau mcm tu, kitorg nak vote ke?' at the manifesto's q&a session.

sedih i tgk utp students yg close minded but big mouthed mcm tu.

encik pundak
ditto. :D

that was exactly what we were aiming for i think. mpp presidents yg unbiased and not judgmental and open to all kind of things so they can make the right decisions and all that crap.

ehh musicfest is still outside lerr.. we just had one about two weeks back. still at this place thingamajig in ipoh.

if we do it in utp, you know the shit that we've to go thru. make sure the lyrics doesnt contain any nonsensicals.

nak main muzik pun susah.

emcee dah pakai baju long sleeve pun still kata inappropriate.


you should come see utp now. see what its like. i think ud bawl like a baby. tears of shame, mind you. haha.

Obefiend said...

i aint going back to that hellhole!

nevar! haha

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your friend..Malaysia will have a flicker of hope if there were more people like your friend. Kudos..