Saturday, October 11, 2008

Maybe this is late.
But they say its never too late kan?
So if you beg to differ, shoo, pergi main jauh jauh.

Im only human.
And a very loud and annoying one pula tu.
So its only fair that i make my fair share of mistakes.
But if ive been abusing the privilege of making mistakes, please forgive me.

You can close your eyes now(and maybe squint a little just so you can continue reading) and picture me kneeling down on my knees, hugging your kaki the way all the actors do in old Malay film when theyre begging for forgiveness from their Mak Tiri.

I am sorry if i have bullied you whether in public or privately.
I am sorry if ive hurt you or broke your heart.
I am sorry if ive been kerek to you whether intentionally or tak sengaja.
I am sorry if at a point in my life, ive talked about you behind your back.

I am sorry if i had something against you but never really came out and confronted you.
I am sorry if i have made you uncomfortable by being too liberal about things.
I am sorry if i have borrowed your cash and pau-ed your magic sticks time tgh miskin.
I am sorry if ive been rude and tak makan saman.

Okay. There goes. Now, should i go on or should i apologise for being born jugak? Hahaha.

Bottom point is, I truly am sorry from the bottom of my nicotine-coated heart(eh bukan lungs ka tuu?) for all the pain and sakit hati that ive caused. I promise ill try(try is the keyword ok!) to be a better human being. Hoho.

On a serious note, Ive discovered that maybe im not any better than the people i always gossip about. Maybe i gossip about them pun because i see a speckle of myself in them. And thats why im asking for forgiveness.

Ampun maaf.
Zahir AND Batin(though this only applies to some of you).

Oh. I almost forgot.

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