Friday, October 31, 2008

Sing Happy Birthday!

Lets have another round of this.

30th of October

Munirah Zulkifly

Dont ask me how i met her.
Its totally bizarre.

To my dearest "madu", here's to phenomenal 21st birthday!
Im real sorry Zul and I missed your birthday celebration.

But we do hope you'll have a great one.

Im really sorry if i was ever a bitch to you.

Sorry berebut boyfriend. waaa.
Itu la i cakap, if its any consolation at all, YOU are my favourite madu. Hee.

If id have to go thru all that shit again just to get to meet you, i would.

But it would be mucchh better if we met the conventional way.

Anyways. Please, have a smashing year ahead of you.

We'll come back home real soon.

We'll see you then no?

I love you Munieeeeee!

Khairil Khalid
err. Not much to say apart from Happy Birthday.

Like i said, if buat party, dont forget to ajak me.

And uuhh. Sorry for stalking you masa high school. WAhaha.
Im ok now, really.

Please dont just hibernate in your office. Go and have some birthday fun!

p/s: Gambar di kidnap from respective Friendster/Myspace pages. Sorry takde gambar korg. Hee. XD

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Anonymous said...

Woohoo topless chicks!