Sunday, October 19, 2008

MusicFest 6

Yesterday marks a smashing event by Skarface. Musicfest 6. And presentinggggg..the EMCEES!

I dont even remember what Nad and i was so happy about pun.. Hee. And of course there was the hot-shot rockstar boyfriend! First singing for Marshmellow...

and then as the bassist of Theo-Eyes(which gave such an overwhelming performance btw)..

This is Star-D, the dance group yang super cool. Featuring Pa'e and Fieda. Scary ook their Zombie act. Takuut.

And ini kami dengan abang FunkyDoryz.

Oh. dan ini kawan kawan saya. Ina and Natim.

Overall, it was too fun. Seronok seronok. A definite jump up and down event. Super satisfying. Hee. OK. Keluar dah la semua adjective aku kan.

Id have to say, kudos to Skarface Management. To Am, Jemeck, Jebon and every one of the organizers. You made my weekend. :)

There's so many more pics which havent found its way to my hand yet. So, wait for the continuation uhh?

p/s: check out my new hair!!

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i'in said...

gambar kawan kau ina yang sedang buruk jugak kau letak ye. aduhhh.