Saturday, October 25, 2008


the event truly sucked.
and i probably got sucked into the massive suckfest.
yea maybe i sucked last night.
just a wannabe with a fedora.

some of the committee members were really nice, especially those ive known from before.
but the others were downright bitchy and a pain in the ass.
the contestants were a gem tho.
regardless to whether they can sing or not,
they were all really clacko wacko.
which made me feel like home.

but the flow was so messed up.
and i didnt get off to a good start.
that bitch told me i looked horrible.

and something happened mid event that made me really pissed.
even the guys from Estranged were pointing it out and asked why i looked so garang.
and offered me a stick.

aah. and thats another thing lagi.
ok ok ye lah ill stop complaining.

ahh screw utp.
im heading back home.

1 comment:

Misz Mizah said...

I know kan, i nearly tertido. I mean cannot compare to star search with dharma semua k. like wht the hell gila. nasib baik estranged best. :P well u didn't suck, ppl might just miss u for the next eupho.