Monday, October 13, 2008

*evil grin

She was trying to scream. The bitch. Is the tape not secure enough?

I pulled out the roll of masking tape from my pocket. Stripped out enough, cut them off with my seasoned crocodile-teeth-sharp scissors, and taped a double layer on her mouth.

Hmph. Serves her right. We'll see if she can scream through that.

Both her hands are tied down under two blocks of dry ice. I can see both her hand rotting blue under the cold chunks. I dont believe in ropes. Theyre just so inconvenient. Ive seen too many movies where the hostage manages to escape due to the fucking ropes. I know better. Im sure she does too. Which is why im not gonna take any chances with this one.

I look over to my right and see my toolbox hanging open like the mouth of a hungry lion. So many beautiful tools i can manage her with. I cant seem to decide. Thats alright, theres plenty of time. Its not like anyone would notice that the bitch has disappeared.

Ive done my calculation. It would be at least a few days after im done with her before anyone would realize what has happened. By then, she'd be in little bits and scraps. Nothing anyone could do will make any difference then.

She was squirming. Squirming hard.

I kicked her on the stomach. Why is this piece of shit trying to make my work harder? Doesnt she know any better? Delicious red blood is trickling down her mouth. I giggled seeing the beautiful sight.

To be continued?

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Adreen Nordin said...

babe, why is this scene familiar? a part of it was like a scene from i know who killed me. The dry ice thingy.