Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zaman Muda Muda Part 2

Of all the random messages i've gotten from all the random people, that was the only one i was looking forward to.

Day in day out, my cellphone had become the equivalence of a Siamese twin.
Messages after sweet messages will be exchanged from your phone to mine, and back to yours.

I'd hint that i was walking by the lake all by myself, hoping that you would offer to keep me company.
And as predicted, you did.

The next day, you had asked whether you could walk to English class with me(which actually came as a surprise because you never went to class prior to meeting me).

And the rest was history.

Being with you was the easiest thing. It was so much fun that ive always felt like hogging you all to myself. The one little glitch was that u already had a girlfriend.

To be continued...

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