Friday, October 24, 2008

sekotak dunhill, segelas teh tarik

random facts.

1) i have a weak bladder.

2) the internet connection here is the equivalent of a lady with long, rainbow coloured armpit hair. disgustingly annoying macam fuck.

3) i dont like people who think that theyre righteous, when they are in fact, NOT.

4) i go mamak 3 times a night.

5) apparently i look like an indian with chinese eyes. heh?

6) i cant wear high heels.

7) i am suddenly reminded of my boss back when i was working at Guess? who made such a bitchy statement: we dont hire ugly people. errr.

8) The internet connection is such a bitch.

9) I make real good retarded faces. :)

10) I dont know how to flip out and run amok. Perhaps ill try it sometime.