Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When Mummy Merajuk

For those who has been trapped in UTP, you know just how retarded our phone reception is kan?

Well, Mom has been trying to contact me for days. She either gets a voicemail or she gets thru but im sleeping like a bulldozer.

So she calls my boyfriend, my roommate, my housemates, my ex-roommate even.

And this morning, she sent me a message:
If awak tak nak cakap dengan Mama dah takpe lah, Mama tak call dah after this.

Alalalalalaa. Comel betul nak merajuk2. Huhuhu.

I texted her after that guna Celcom.


p/s: thats the problem when u talk to ur daughter three times a day. Tak dapat cakap for one week kan dah problem. Huhuhu.

1 comment:

Chocolate said...

heheee. your mom called me too.

Her question was, "noin, noin tau tak no rommate tasha yang sekarang"

comel betul!

yang sekarang..