Tuesday, November 25, 2008

hari ini hari isnin. esok hari apa?

This is Cai.
Everyone, say hello to Cai.

Whenever we hangout with him, the pattern is always the same.

First stop, go makan.
Last stop, main game2 bodoh at CC.

Location: Old Town White Coffee
Activity: Main card(tak bang, kitorg tak judi)

Oh. and this might sound uber mean, tapi for you fellow UTP-ians, have you guys noticed the Chinese Pakcik Terbang who walks back and forth from Ameeth to Sithick and back to Ameeth again every night without fail?

Yea, the one who lights a ciggarette and then falls asleep on the table and the mamak will kacau him and wake him up.

Thats the one im talking about.

Yeah so anyways, i think Cai looks a little like the younger and better looking version of Pakcik Terbang. Ngee. Maaf Cai.

This is us in front of the dingy but cheap CC in Ampang.

This is what its like for orang orang yang dah habis paper. Jobless tak tahu what to do.

This post is very pointless sebenarnya.
But what to do, tangan gatal.



azik said...

haah la. sangat pointless.

hello askar. ahaha

ainnabella said...

heyy paper i tak abes lagi ok.
kejap lagi baru abess.
malas giler nk g jawab!

mireya said...

omg. i am sooo jelessss.
wuhuuu ;p

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Chinese Pakcik Terbang?

owh. the sami buddha lookalike u mean? He wasn't sleeping. He was trying to invent a method to order food using only magnified brain waves.

If you observe carefully, when he opens his eyes, already the food is served beyond his views. ngee.