Friday, December 19, 2008

talking about twilight

It seems that every two blogs that i visit, theres a review on Twilight.
Be it to go gugu-gaga over Edward Cullen(Robert Pattinson)or to talk about their movie experience.

For me, its just like any of the other superhero movies. Superman Batman Spiderman Cicakman.
The only difference is that its not about an alien, or a rich tech-savvy heir to an empire or somebody who's dna is mixed up with a spider's or a lizard's.

The movie is good, yes. It lays somewhere in between Love and Action. I hate the fact that they cut the part where Edward and Bella was making out in her room though.
Beats the purpose.
I still dont know what happened there when he was thrown on the wall.

Guess i just have to wait until my book arrives and find out! Whee! Haha.

The boys dont seem to like it that much tho.

Anyways. I dont think Robert Pattinson was cute. He was just oozing macho-ness. LOL is that even a word?

I think the reason why girls dig Twilight more than the guys do is due to daydreams. Girls fantasize being taken care of the way that Edward takes care of Bella.

Or some shit like that.


I better get back to work. Or not. Haha


Amir Hamzah said...

OMG!! TWILIGHT!!! argghhh!!!! i should've checked out what the movie was about before i went to watch the it with the dudes. scratch that, "WE" should have.

It felt so gay i can't even describe it. I was expecting blood and ganasness!! vampires tuuu!!! so gay vampires!! argghhh!!! can't believe i spent money watching this.

sorry tash. but twilight has got to be the worst movie i've ever watched. period. :O

Merissa K. said...

i thought so. all the guys say that.

honey, its a typical romance story. its just not in the form of a chick flick.

sorry to disappoint u hardcore boys.

but i kinda understand ppl questioning what the big fuss is all about. but i can betcha the book is a thousand times better.

good read good read.. whee

Anonymous said...

i baca title, mls nk bace, then nk tanya..

u dah tgk ke??

Merissa K. said...

hehehe. yes yes i saw it twice.
U tak tgk lagi ke?

Tapi i rasa kalau u nak tgk, please go with a girl. Kalau tgk dgn lelaki, agak gay jugak la. HOHO.

Weena said...

org ckp, dont ever go watch twilight with ur bf sbb u'll tend to compare edward to ur bf. lol