Friday, December 12, 2008

why cant we just be malaysians

i had a massive argument on this matter with my dad the other day.
he warned me that i shouldnt discuss it freely unless if i wanna risk kena penggal kepala.

i beg to differ.
perhaps that only applies to his generation.
i believe that our generation is more open to discuss things.
be it crappy things or things that affect the nation.

we were talking about the proposal to open uitm to non-bumi and about Dasar Ekonomi Baru.

In similar arguments, ive pissed quite a few people with my thoughts.
Perhaps i sound like a Malay bigot yang konon kononnya new generation Malay and one who doesnt believe that we need special treatment to get us far.

I wouldnt say that im that extreme.
Who doesnt like special treatment? I cant lie and tell you i dont. I love it when the police lets me off when another guy friend who breaks the same rule gets a RM300 summon. I feel important when a group of us go to the mamak and i get my drink first when others havent even had their order taken.

Please, dont get me wrong. I cant emphasize on this enough, i ADORE special treatment.


i do believe that Malays could probably go further if we dont rely on the special treatment all the time. I have non malay friends who have struggled so hard to excel in their studies and get straight As in SPM but in the end have to fork out lots of money to go to private colleges. Whereas us bumiputras get a few Cs and are still accepted in UITM.

I fear that the schoolkids wont have the drive to give it their all to excel in their studies, knowing that theres always going to be a place for them.

Im not anti Malay rights or anythg like that. No no no. I just wish that itd be nice if we're a tad bit more hardworking in getting what really matters. And that we do things right and not just sambil lewa.

And i hate the fact that we're such racists. Its always:
-Malays are lazy. Chinese are kiasu. Indians ckp berbelit.

Do you remember that part in Spinning Gasing where the Indian guy said "Its always like this. You Malays get all the name. You Chinese gets all the money. and we Indians get the blame."

Why cant we just be Malaysians and get rid of the whole stigma? Itll be nice to really be a nation. But i guess thats just another one of my wishful thinking.

Lunch break's over. Gotta go. :D


zalikha anas said...

i second u,makcik once u get ur first pay i bet u will shop more than me!

Anonymous said...

yesssss tasha! i so agree with u n i go to uitm.. we even debated this issue in our debate group.. i just don't get why they are making such a big issue out of this.. what's wrong by giving them the same opportunity? i thought we're all about being united and equality.. malaysians piss me off at times.. *sigh*

Merissa K. said...

ive heard them say that if we malays dont help our race, who's gonna help us? the chinese and the indian sure wont.

doesnt it make much more sense if we just all help each other? like, mara gives admission to the non bumis and the chinese and indian gives us contracts and tenders for business.

everybody happy. no?

|sMa| said...

couldnt agree more.


Anonymous said...

"malaysians piss me off at times.."-nur aimi jamshah. dont talk as if you're not one.
i would like to touch just on a two things. first of all, liberal malays like you is a still a minority; that probably would be the case for generations to come. secondly, on the uitm issue. a certain quota has been given for the non-bumis for uitm which was originally was just for the bumis, which i think is more than enough.


FarA said...

aah, yesssss.
also, racial comments of the dirt poor and filthy rich.


Anonymous said...

'so-called liberal malays are calling for the ’special’ treatment for the malays to be abolished. in order to reduce/remove completely the bumis privileges, then the same would need to be done for the non-bumis’ - tun mahathir

A'a said...

wah! i respect you for speaking up!! where to go sister!!

Obefiend said...

gibe it another 20 years. when the new generation of malays come into power

at the moment waht we have as leaders are the people who LIVED THROUGH 13 mei 1969

the emotional scar left by that incident left a big gash on that generation's psyche

my dad is a racist.. but i understand why he is like that. cant help it if a few of his familu was attached by the chinese. you cant argue with these people because they went through hell

it is up to the new generation to make malaysia for malaysian

we can dream.. oh YES WE CAN

Maria said...

i fully support u. i dont understand this issue as well. unnecesary. ur doing a great job integrating with ppl of diff cultures and races! so keep it up, and Insyallah ppl will follow. =B.

Merissa K. said...

oh come onnn. elaborate darling. ur on the debate team no? couldnt agree more simply wont suffice in ur case. hohoho.

i believe that uitm is entirely for malays. the other unis have quotas for the non bumis but im pretty sure uitm doesnt.
its not just the matter of the quota. its the fact that everything is segregated into groups. which doesnt really say much about a nation.

im no liberal, i just like the idea of a peaceful nation. :)

ahh thats another one. dont get me started on that one. hehehe

Merissa K. said...

thank you dear. :)

dreaming is precisely what im doing. hahaha. my dads the same. we can get our daddies to start a club or something. LOL.

you wouldnt believe how upset he was when i voiced my thoughts. tralala.

Hahaha. And perhaps one day youd join us cultivating other cultures? LOLs.