Wednesday, August 27, 2008

jangan tinggal saya

Being in UTP means being far away from home.
And im the kind of person who needs my family close to me at all times.
And this, in the picture above, is my family.

Most of them has been away for the past few months.
But last weekend, they came home.

Oh. Rindu terubat.

Balik lah lagi selalu selalu. Takde la saya rindu angau sgt!

To: Dharma, Eldi, Alip, Maliq, Ciko, Pijut and Razi

for making it thru UTP all these years
for giving the Panda a fraction of the fun that YES had experienced
for being the best damn brothers anyone can ask for
for supporting me through thick and thin,kaya and miskin

and for the rest:
Noin, Laila, Berg, Nad, Hadi, Ain, Bayah, Anum, Emi, Neng, Jo and not forgetting Nawal

it was all worth it because u guys were there. :)

Yer yer Koala. Saya tak lupa anda juga.
Cheers to Nyet Zik Anis Ewa and Azam!

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[YeOp] said...

Wah, tasha pun 'berkonvo' gak! Hehehe.. :D