Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is Panda. Say hello to the Pandas.
They were a bunch of seniors mixed up together to concoct
a delicious experience of campus-life.
Without them, id be serving a very geeky and lonely Civil Engineering student life.
They made me happier than Ive ever been in UTP and probably ever will be.
Pandas have lots of dysfunctional issues.
The scandals? You wouldnt believe how absurd it is.
But thats what makes them the absolute best!

Gila! Siapa lagi yang rent out Van to bakar jagung at Teluk Batik?
And siapa lagi buat a trip as awesome as ours to Perhentian Island?
Siapa lagi boleh talk about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING out in the open, tak payah tapis
tapis?And i seriously mean ANYTHING. what anything means, only Panda will know. Hint:Gaung.

Panda was the best. Still is if only theyre not scattered all over the place. Huu.
Pandas, I cant wait for u guys to come back this weekend. Its gonna be spectacular!

And this is Koala.
A newfound group. A mixture of Pandas that hasnt graduated just yet with fresh blood.
Shares the same wackiness and spontaneity.
Hail to another bout of beach-hopping, karaoke-ing and jumping around.

For me, its heaven-sent to have the Koalas around after Panda left.
Shows that those ppl who says "you dont get lucky twice" dont know what they were talking about. Hee.

Bottom point?
I love Panda and i Love Koala.
They rock my stuffy socks!


Chocolate said...

thank u for missing out one person in Panda.

i mean it.

i love the Panda pictures. esp the first one. Why am i holding a flower in my mouth?

boooo, im not in koala.

Merissa K. said...

awwwhhh.. hahaha. ur welcome?

sebab u tgh weng out of tak cukup tidur. that shot of u lawa la tapi. i love love.

ill see u tonight and well have a gabungan of panda koala. the koada. or panla. whichever. hahahaha.

i cant waittttt. sampai la cepat sikittt.