Tuesday, August 5, 2008

baby baby baby

In contrary to what all those typical-im-better-than-you citizens of UTP think and say, im gonna pass when it comes to kutuk-ing that poor girl who became infamous overnight in UTP.

yeah what she did was wrong.

but that doesnt give you any right to judge her. yeah ok fine. judge her all you want. but keep the verdict to yourself. why condemn?

for all yknow, if you were in her shoes, you would probably do the same thing.

and dont go all "Oh. But i definitely will do the good thing and keep the baby if im stupid enough to get pregnant in the first place" on me.


If you had to carry a baby in you for 9 months. all by yourself. without anyone around you who really truly understands what its like.
If you had to deal with torments and deal with the pressure of covering your growing stomach.
If you had to question yourself day by day why you're the one who ends up pregnant when there are millions more people your age having sex all over the nation.
If you had to give birth on your own in a mangy toilet and discover that your baby is not squeaking and panic, not knowing what to do and who to tell.
If you had to deal with polices and parents and petronas officers and the death of your stillborn baby whom you intended to put away where no one else wont discover the day after you give birth.

You never know how you're gonna act when your mind is clouded with things i cant even imagine she had to think about.

So really, give her a break.
She already has an ass of a boyfriend(so i heard). She probably doesnt need people speculating behind her back.

Yeah we all love gossips. But enough already with the 'zina itu haram. jangan buat maksiat' talk. Believe me, WE ALREADY KNOW.

For all i know, (keeping in mind that zina is haram, yeah yeah) the biggest mistake that she did was not get good sex education. If she did, then she would probably have skipped all the trouble.

But then again, dah Tuhan nak tunjuk.

To the junior whom im pretty sure wont even know that im dedicating this to her, be strong. Though most are criticizing, there are still some of us left who has compassion for you. Itll be all over soon. Wait until another girl throws another baby. hehehe. then theyll all forget your story. :)


jeff said...

nice one =)

dominique said...


sister P said...

totally agree with u..

no one knows cause no one cares

Anonymous said...

Respect! i ve enjoyed lately reading your blog back to back and yup u are different than what most of the campus think you are!(shallow) you turned out to be so deep in the state of mind thoughts! keep it up going and running and have fun!

iNteRnaTioNaL UtPiaN!