Saturday, August 9, 2008

Macam ini ke Rakan Masjid?

Location : bawah block v5k
People Involved : Ina Iylia Maria Ernie Tasha Afiq and 3 Rakan Masjids(RM)
Activity: Playing 2 acoustic guitars(without amp) and a tambourine

They were strumming on the guitar when the three stooges walked over and opened their mouth:

RM : Lama lagi ke ni?
Iylia : Takde lah, nak blk dah.
RM : Aaa. bagus la. Bising sangat ni. Orang nak buat lab report pun tak blh. Nak tidur pun tak blh. Bising sangat la.
Ina : Ala. Orang lain pasang speaker kuat kuat tak kecoh pun.
RM : Sebenarnya satu block v5k dah complain(which is bullshit, really because my housemates kat tingkat 2 pun tak dgr lgsg any noise.) so kitorg ni wakil la turun sini. Ingat kan tadi ada orang mintak sedekah(while taking out rm10 from the purse). Tu yang kitorg turun bawak duit ni.
Afiq : Ha. nak bagi duit pun blh jugak. Haha.
RM : Serious? Kalau bagi duit korg stop main.
Afiq : haa. serious la...
RM : haa. nah ambik lah. bangun lah cepat!
*everyone tergamam because of the rudeness*
RM : bangun la cepat!
Ina : Iyer. Kejap lagi kitorg blah laa.
RM : Haa. Macam tu kitorg teman lah.
RM #2 : Ish. tak payah la. jom laa. *while pulling the hand of the initial RM*
RM : Takpe. Biarlah. Kitorg tunggu.

Everyone started packing their stuff sebab annoyed nak mampus. and as we left, ina was like "tak payah la nak tunjuk attitude. kau ingat kau je ke ada attitude. karang aku tunjuk attitude karang tau la. bodoh. kalau org main dalam bilik pun sama je gila. bukan pasang amp pun."

Is that what ur supposed to do if u want to earn people's respect? By being rude? We would totally understand and leave if you would only ask us nicely. By being rude, you're just gonna get a blog post dedicated to you about how rude you were.

Ive lost all respect that i used to have for u.

I know all of your name, but unlike you, i still have some conscience. So ill leave your name out of it so ull get to keep whatever bit of dignity you have left.


Adreen Nordin said...

That was rude. They don't act like they're supposed to. RM jr ke our batch?

Merissa K. said...

our batch yang oii.. tu yang i tak blh blah kita.. alaaa u knw who they are.. im very the veryy verryy sure u tau.. heheh

FarA said...

Hah. RM and their operasi. Never ending lol

dominique said...

paling poyo klau start bagi2 flyers time org nk g staged.
my time dulu ar. sendiri2 sudehh..

[YeOp] said...

mak ai. makin ganas RM ni. ish3.. *sigh*

tp x bleh blah ar part yg hulur rm10 tu. what the hell?