Wednesday, August 20, 2008

HalaU Hantu

U often listen about exorcism. And ud think its just a speculation because uve never seen it with ur own eyes.

And then BAM~!! You see it with your own eyes.

I dont wanna get into it sgt because frankly, im super tired after having experienced that. But being in a room with a friend who keeps on staring with mata terbeliak over my shoulder is agak menakutkan.

And the way she screamed 'Tak Nak KELUAR!!!!' was even lagi mengejutkan. Kesian Ewa lompat terkejut.

Well Mado, i hope u recover soon. We love yaaa.

And here's a reminder:
1) Next time, kalau lalu padang tu, jgn tegur if u see anythg.
2) And Abah(Hadi), this goes for you, lain kali tak payah lalu jalan scary scary. Kan betul i ckp hari tu! Nasib baik it didnt happen hari tuu. Huuhu. Tsk.

1 comment:

Dayana said...

Uh... I witnessed one before. That was one of the quietest nights that I've ever experienced (apart from the "KAMU SEMUA BODOH!" screaming from the ghost lah)
No one dared to go out of their rooms.

I watched from afar :)