Wednesday, November 11, 2009

About The Boat That Rocked!


If you are at all a universal music lover,
and have no qualms being engaged with the mixture of drugs, alcohol, sex and (of course) rock and roll for about 2 hours,
i believe you'd be in love with this movie the way i am.

I might even say that i love this slightly more than Across The Universe.
And that's pretty big considering, id marry Across The Universe if it were human.

Its the 1960s. And the government has a whole policy against anything other than jazz to be aired on radio. So what this bunch of nuts did was went on a boat, and aired from the middle of the sea.

Radio Rock, was the name of the station. And it was everything that the government despised. To them, its just a platform for hooligans, drug dealers and fornicators.

Their form of rebellion, however, makes everyone wanna rock and roll.

What is more, it is infested with hotties (both male and female),

Tom Sturridge

Sturridge was actually the guy that Stephenie Meyer's fantasized about playing the part Edward Cullen for Twilight. I can see why. Yummy. Too bad they opted for Robert Pattinson instead.

He was the last crew on the boat. Sent to Radio Rock by his mom to learn something new. Oh, and he learnt indeed. Though, it was all very hedonistic in nature. :D

Tom Wisdom

And this is the dude who plays Sexy Mark. I dont really fancy him out of this movie. In 300, he was just another guy who ends up headless. But in The Boat That Rocked, he was like a more irresistable version of Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.

Im telling you, the guy is a walking sex god. He doesnt say much in the movie. Just sleeps with an awful lot of women.

January Jones

Well, she wasnt actually in the most part of the movie. But i thought that she was incredibly hot in action. Heheh.

Im not gonna waste any more of my time Googling for images. If you want to ogle, watch the movie. :)

What more, the soundtrack is awesome. A little bit of Jimi Hendrix, The Kinks, The Who, The Beach Boys and many more. Brings you back to the 60s indeed.

It pretty much came down to saying Bollocks to the people who wants to see you fail.
And thats why, its a must-watch!


Abudi Alsagoff said...

I laughed like hell at the part where January Jones (name of char?) just got married and the next day she left her husband to get with someone else, i also forgot the char's name. it's the scene in the picture you posted. hahah!!!

Merissa K. said...

i was actually gonna write about that scene (its like, my favourite) but i didnt wanna spoil the experience for everyone else. hehe.

tapi dekat comment tak pe.

omgggg. scene tu kelaaaakaaar gila okaaay. and the fact that she could even attempt to make the babydoll innocent face was a joke by itself! hee.

abudi, what are you doing up so early?

Abudi Alsagoff said...

Well, you can only have fast internet over here by waking up super early than everyone else than you have the internet by yourself. or else, you have to share with all those leechers. T_T
I must be bored lah i woke up early :3

s h a g o o said...

soon bebeh!