Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I Miss About High School

1) Canteen food is cheeeeeeap.
Heck. Two ringgit are sufficient to last you throughout the day. Dah la air sirap pun 50sen je. Nowadays, those artificial drinks cost about RM1.50 a glass. Rip off sungguh.

Back in my school, they used to have these legendary Nasi Ayam on Fridays. Serious tak tipu, every Jumaat, as soon as the recess bell rings, its like ada orang bukak kandang kambing. Not to mention, orang yang cut class during the period before recess just to chup Nasi Ayam part yang best best.

2) Tiada masalah dunia.
Back then, the biggest problem that you have is if your crush is not aware of your existance. Atau, in my case, the guy that i had a crush on thinks that im a stalker/loser yang preside KFC (Khairil Fan Club). Fuck. Itu ada lah malu.

But then again, that beats the whole masalah dunia that i have now. Duit tak cukup, nak buat assignment lagi, saman kereta tak bayar, saman UTP tak bayar, baju tak cukup, berebut boyfriend dengan orang lain (Hajar, Munie, peace peace. heheh. i syg korang sekarang) and many more.

3) No worrying about the lack of moolah.
In those days, money were handed out each day. "Nah, ini duit belanja," kata ibu bapa. Tak payah kerja, but dapat gaji. Is nice. I likee.

Come to think of it, i was richer in high school nak compare dengan sekarang. Wahai ibu bapa, nak duit belanja lagi pleassseee.

And oh oh i miss pakcik yang jual unhealthy food outside the school compound. Keluar from school je, theres a food fest waiting outside. Satay ikan la, ice cream la, roti cream la, junk food sedaaaap murah la. Oh i want i want.

I sometimes offer to pick my siblings up from school just so that ill get to indulge myself with all these junkiesss once again. Ahh, saya dan keropok lekor, reunited.

4) The hot MILFs of teachers
We didnt have DILFs (go figure!) in our school. But we sure had Faustina (foxy name eyy) who wore black jarang kebayas and gstrings on Fridays. woot woot. That surely gave them boys something to fantasize about.

A few years after leaving school, i went to the Sports Day in order to support my juniors (semangat sekolah gila weeyyy) and i bumped into Faustina.

She motioned me to come closer and subtly ask "Eyy, ive been meaning to ask you, did you get THOSE done? Cuz if you did i was wondering where you did it. Maybe you could give me the number of the place?" and i was like "Emm no lah cikgu. Its au naturel."

She didnt believe me "Alaaa, come onn, you can tell me. I je pun".

Damn woman! I got it from my Mama! Its effing awkward. Now id have to go on with my life knowing the fact that my school teacher is thinking of getting a boob job. Pssh.

5) Its a Stalker Haven
Everything you need to know about the person that you like is there. Just check the... Eh eh. Hampir terberitahu semua secret. OKay. I tarik balik this one.

6) Tak Payah Jadi Diligent Worker
Since we didnt have courseworks to be done, and everything came down to the final examinations, all year long, you just have to study time nak exam je.

Other than that, sila angkat kaki and tak payah worry.

Its the best system for procrastinators all over the world. I loike.

7) Mean Girls teach you how to toughen up
I used to hate being picked on (hint hint Hani if ur reading this. heheh) and being laughed at. The cool cliques sure have a way to make you feel like you deserve to be isolated (haaa mula dah aku exaggerate) but it sort of prepares you for the cruel world out there.

If you can take on the people who were bitchy to you in school, you can handle anything. Haha. Im serious, it gives you an insight on how to deal with Evil Bosses, Annoying Colleagues and the endless streams of Wannabes in your life.

8) Educational Class Trips
Hoho. Konon konon je educational. Educational apa ntah pergi Genting Highlands. Hahaha. This is the time to scam on boys and belajar teknik teknik berseronok dengan kawan kawan. Seronok apa? Jangan tanya. haha.

What do YOU miss about high school?


Syaza said...

high school years, how time flies gila babbbbbiiiiii

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

sedar tak sedar, dah sepuluh tahun tinggalkan sekolah.

gawd...i'm getting old...almost 30...tidakkkk!!!

Merissa K. said...

Syaza :
hee. kan? can you believe it has been 5 years dah. we're ancient arent we?

Kak Sha :
hahha. ehhh almost. belum lagi. LOL. tak tua selagi belum hit middle age. :P (statement try menyedap kan hati) hahaha

jeff said...

that cikgu faustina sounds cool. susah nak cari cikgu macam tu. hehe

Merissa K. said...

Jepp, saya dah kata dah. boys dig her. haha ( i somehow have the feeling that ur latest post was inspired by Foxy Faustina. saya rasa je la)

jeff said...

haha! hey, post saya tu tak ada kena mengena dengan sebarang payudara ya, big or small. hehe

lolahunny said...

Tasha love,
We can now officially put all those high school stuff behind.
Me love you long time.


the not so mean one. =D

Merissa K. said...

ok ok saya percaya. haha!

me love you long time juga. hehe. ye keee not so mean? LOL. ahhh my girl is all wise and grown up noww. hahah

lolahunny said...

awww thanks sweets. Omg rindu pls.
Tasha, I cannot remember how we became really good friends. I mean from you know what to yeah, practically bestfriends at one point kan? I do miss those library moments and taman tunies.
Thanks tasha, for showing me the meaning of forgiveness. I miss you la. Saya ingin pergi makan keropok lekor dan cempedak goreng panas dekat kedai depan tu. But pls kita skip penang mari, I masih hurt pasal peristiwa hitam. ( beg kene ragut).

And ohh.. mari ambil adik you dari skolah and pretend baru habis SPM.. i think we can pull it off still. hahaha now ppl ask my age somehow i tercakap,Oh 19. kiihkihkih im so in denial. =P

Merissa K. said...

I knowwwww. i cannot remember the turning point jugak. i think it started with that english drama thing.

ingat tak, we used to practice kat taman depan ur hse ke apa ntah with kendrick and zafie. it was the white tiger or something. shit i cant believe that i still ingat. hoho.

but yess, i think that was when the love story began. (and im glad it did!)

hahaha. i miss those cempedaks too. dah bertahun tak makan. tsk tsk. omggg i ingat beg u smpai sekarang. talk about sadistic. huhu.

alaaaa babe, u babyface, lepas laaa 19. people think im 25. dammit. hhahahah.

lolahunny said...

babe, and bag tu bukan bag i pon.. bag sofia. adoi.. so sad ..

omg and the WORST part is that peragut tu pretended to fall.. and i helped him up. Patut masa tu I tendang dia. Damn it!
Arrghh so angry!!

Merissa K. said...

alalalala hani dont marah dah k? kita skip penang mari. kita pergi mosin pulak after this. hehehe.

lolahunny said...

haha about mohsin.. I have a funny story.
A friend pernah bagitau I that pemasak at mohsin.. . orang tu letak underwear dia as extra perencah in the kuah dhal.
HAHAHA how sick is that right?

Merissa K. said...

whaaaat? but thats creepy!!!! ok, no mohsin jugak! hahahaha. (fermented underwear ke newly bought ones?) hahaha.

nemind honey bunny, we shall find ourselves a new mamak! :D