Monday, November 30, 2009

Arsenal Vs. Chelsea

now now now.
where should i start.

what about the fact that watching the match was like watching a 'sukaneka for kindergarten toddlers'?

the ball barely penetrated Chelsea's defense and there were too many goofballs horseplaying on the field.

im not dissing my own team, no im not. (I REALLY AM NOT!!)
its just that, i dont want to be a sore loser who blames the ref when its clear that our own attack plan PHAILED big time.

i mean, come on!! what is it with Arsenal and scoring their own goals each time theres a big match?

Nadim said : I rasa Arsenal punya player requirement is that diorang kena reti own goal. tak reti buat own goal, tak boleh main for Arsenal.

wahahahaahah. siot betul.
eh okay okay. tak gelak.

With Van Persie out for 5 months, i dont know how we can survive this season.
No choice but to have faith that Wenger will cook something up soon enough.
I dont get why he refuses to use the money from selling off Adebayor to get good strikers.

Oh. and dont get me started on how slow Eduardo was.
(not that im confident of outrunning him, but it still, im no professional football player)
It's infuriating how EVERYONE outran him. sigghhh.

And i gotta admit, Chelsea's first goal was awesome.
At first, i thought the ball will go over the goalpost.
When it went in instead, i sat there dumbfounded, unaware of what just happened (in denial, more like)

But but but the second goal was truly a disappointment.
I did not expect this coming from Vermaelen.
I didnt take him for the scoring-own-goal kind.
Tsk tsk.

Thats enough disappointed rants to last me throughout the season.
Im getting back to my presentation.

edited : i just remembered! did anyone see when Traore did a backflip and landed on his feet! whoah. i think he should just become a gymnast or something.


aween mokhtar said...

I rooted for Arsenal (for the sake of MU that is) for the first time and look what happened?
Guess have to wait for someone (maybe underdogs)to beat chelsux.
So happy being rivals again!:p

Merissa K. said...

cant say im sharing your joy, love. ahaaha.

i went back completely devastated and in no mood to siap kan my FYP presentation (which i just had a few mins back heheh).


but we'll see u next time, and hopefully i wont have to write another post like this one, then. XP

Lullaby said...

relaks la beb.
aku tak rasa hina kalau lawan apa2 team lain kecuali man utd yang kerek tu.haha

Merissa K. said...


that, i agree with!

manade i rasa hina. disappointed je (jangan tipu ckp u tak disappointed jugak! sekarang kita dah 11 points behind chelsea!)

kalau MU memang tak laa i nak puji puji kaaan. at least semalam blh lagi admire Ashley Cole dengan Essien.

u nak suruh i puji MU players? TAK PATTT. hahahahaha.

*high five*

s h a g o o said...

ada org tu tgk bola di malam hari esoknya nak start intern. tahniah!
(ye. kamu pasti boleh teka orang tersebut. *grins.)

Merissa K. said...

ohh harus lah match tu kena tengok! haha.

i tauuu. 10 mins after game habis i call 'org itu'nak melepaskan geram Arsenal, dia dah tidur dah.

boleh pulak?

Tok Aweed said...

We both know wat arsenal means sha kan??

lelaki dan perempuan ******

haha.. oh hey! sebut psl perlawanan antara budak tadika and sekolah menegah, u tengok tak game lawan man city smlm??

that match was a clear reflection of budak tadika lawan adults. And if you notice, ada sekali tu jack wilshere nk ludah on the pitch tapi saliva dia melekat kat dagu and when he tried to wipe it up, air liur tuh habes melekat kat tangan dia and meleleh kena baju.

bila i tengok tuh rase nk lempang player arsenal dowh.. serious mcm budak hingusan yang dungu seperti kanak2 riang tiada ibu bapa..

ape la malang aku jadi fan arsenal neh.. tsk tsk..