Thursday, November 12, 2009

(insert a string of curse words here)

cursing my heart out would probably make me feel better right about now.
tapi dah tak mampu to even string cusses properly.
cant even strings words together, much less carutan bernas.

i hate final exams.
i hate doing Civil Engineering.

i am not interested in calculating the tension in a T-bar column,
or the wave force acting on a platform.
and i doubt it that ill ever be.

i wanna write, and talk for a living.

i dont wanna stand under the sun in the middle of a construction site, wearing an ugly hardhat.
i dont wanna be shipped off to work in the middle of some godforsaken oil platform.
i dont wanna stay in an office and do physics calculation on torque and whatnot.
i dont wanna endure another minute of this.
i dont wanna go to a landfill and take the filthy leachate(which is a konon konon glamour name for air sampah btw) and analyze it to see whether its fit for disposal.

im serious.
ive had enough.
four years and a half is enough.

but apparently, i have to stay put and go through this mindless garbs.
ive got a pounding headache, a runny nose and still i have to study Design of Offshore Structures and Structural Dynamics.

ahhh baik aku get wasted and layan Lapsap. lagi bagus.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

I have already put accounting to stop the moment i was tired of calculating and analysing other people's shit:P

memang macam tu...but then bukan senang nak buat pilihan. especially when you're good in something...your flow is always going to that side.

this is malaysia.
skor math, you mintak marketing pon dpt accounting.
skor physics, you mintah catering pon dapat engineering.

nak cari keje pon sama.

take care dear.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

omg. u've went thru 4 and half years...yet you survived. Am i gonna die soon then? hahaha. I'm only doing the foundation of engineering. penat wooh. dem betul.

lolahunny said...

Hey love,

Yah you know the dude I am recently obsessed with? ( the facebook shout out few days back remember?)

He's got a Chemical Engineering degree from RMIT,Melbourne.
He was a smart boy, a prefect I must add.. from st john( yeah, stalker mode on) who got a scholarship from petronas after Spm.

While in RMIT, he was still in love with music and art, hence he joined the Drama / Theater Society. He was very active and became the pianist for Mid Summer's Night Dream Performance by RMIT students. ( Oh mama loike, smart and can play the piano )

Now, he's 31.. he writes to NST about politics and concrete issues , he sings (at NoBlackTie ), he has an album coming up, he writes plays, he writes scripts for Movies, and his recent movie is nominated in Cannes Film Festival.

Yeah, and I emailed him on facebook. Humble and modest him replied. =)

So bottom line love,
you can always do whatever you want. Just don't give up.

Ps: I really hope he is not gay. Too many good men turn gay nowadays.

Till then tasha,
xoxo hani

Igniz said...

i asked u to quit ur study and be a writer, u never want. :P

s h a g o o said...

im a having a saturday shrooms tis week! jgn jeles! wee~

A'a said...

we should switch places then cos im not a good writer and i hate public speaking. english is just aint my thang. im better off doing engineering stuffs or anything geography related. hoho

Merissa K. said...

Kak Sha:
its kelakar, isnt it? i mean, maybe next time i should sengaja sengaja flunk. hmphh. that will teach the system! hahaha.

If ur doing it other than because ur being bribed to do so, you should be okay kot. hahaha. whatever it is, i wish u all the luck in the world. hehe.

so i take it that what ur trying to say is just swim thru the shitty, muddy waters and later on i can write and talk as much as i want to? hehehe. noted hunny.

ok ok i dengar laaaa. hahahaha.

whaaaaat. i tgh tension lagi u nak bakar bagi jealous kan? hahahaha. mana datang weeeeehhhh?

ill gladly swap missy, with arms wide open. come onn.

iLLy said...

No need to sengaja2 flunk. the system put me in civil just because i got A in Physics. It was a fluke kot!

now, happily doing IS in final sem. ter-Grad lmbt sikit but o wth, at least grad jugak.

Merissa K. said...

haha. tak pe. i pun terlama kat sini. damnnn. shoulda switched to IS years ago. haha

T.H.U.G.N.I.F..I.C.E.N.T. said...


You survived 41/2 of all that engineering "crap"! C'mon 1/2year wouldn't make much difference!

After that, you can do all you want, and if is writing, with that engineering background, oh babe, you can rock the world.

Wish you lots of luck!

Merissa K. said...

Lots of luck, saved in my pocket.


Thanks a bunch for that extra motivation. i reckon itll come in handy the next time i break down. hahah.