Monday, November 9, 2009

look who's in the 2nd place now, u smug bitches. :P

I just got back from the mamak, watching Manchester United get defeated yet again (oh yes Devils fans, offence intended. LOL)

I got there about 15 minutes after the kickoff,
and as expected there werent any seats left.
There werent even any room for you to squat on the road. (well, not if you dont want the cars passing by to run you over.)

And while waiting for the 'anney' to find us tables and chairs,
and listening to my favourite Mamak, going all

"Deyy, u Arsenal kalu, ini match, tak payah tengok laa."

Siot punya mamak.

Anyway, back to what i was saying, while waiting (patiently, i might add),
i came up with a mental list of things i cannot stand when hanging out at the mamak
(which doesnt make much of a difference since i still go there about 3 times a day).

#1 : The Bookworms
Imagine this. Its a huge match. Oh, lets say, Liverpool vs. Man United.
And you can expect that the crowd dekat mamak tried their best to outnumber the ones at the stadium itself.

And there were about 76 people who had to stand (not that they were eager to do the whole wave thing) waiting for a seat.
And suddenly, standing out from the crowd, you can see a table full of little kiasus, clad with their laptops and lecture notes, studying for their exam papers, and not once glancing at the big screen.

Aiyooooh machaaaaa.

Nak study, study kat bilik laaaaaaaaa. The internet connection dah stable already whaaat. You dont need the damned wireless at the mamak. We can fit half of the crowd at your table. Tapau ur food and have ur study group where its more comfy and less congested laaaa.

*smacks forehead*

Okay okay. Perhaps they were just trying to mock everyone else by going 'hey! you lot keep on complaining that you cant study in ur room. well check us out. we can study here, and that means we can study absolutely anywhere. theres nothing stopping us, not even ur evil stares.'

Ok. Fine fine. Aku terasa. Now, can we please have your seats?

#2 : The Inappropriate Couples
Yes, ur in love. We get it. But theres really no need to giggle at each other and make profane gestures with that banana ur holding.

For the love of God, some of us are trying to eat.

And friends. Yes, i know i was a tad bit like that too when we were a LOT younger. So dont give me a headache with your accusations, i dont wanna hear it. Hahaha.

(but hey, just for the record, i never played with bananas. not at the mamak. not elsewhere okay. hahah)

#3 : The Mamak with Bad Timing
Of aaaaaaaaalll the time they could walk between the big screen and the projector, some of them simply looooves to pick the most crucial time.

You're half standing, and half shouting, biting ur nails at that free kick. And the moment the ball is inches away from the goal post, time tuuuuu la mamak tu nak lalu.

And as everyone else are either shouting 'Goal!!!!' or groaning like a frog waiting to croak, all you could see was the mamak balancing 3 plates of maggi gorengs and his shadow, also balancing 3 plates of maggi goreng.

Tension betul aku. Lepas tu, time dia tunjuk replay, time tu la mamak tu nak lalu sekali lagi, tapi this time dia bawak 5 gelas nescafe ais pulak. Haishhh.

Well, he's just doing his job, i guess.

I swear i had another point just now. But i seem to have lost it, in the midst of getting all excited about MU getting beaten YET AGAIN. Oh, guess who's at 2nd place now? *grins*

Ahh well, that probably means i should give it a rest. Heheh. :)


s h a g o o said...

lain kali dtg satu jam awal.
ye-eah! =)

Anonymous said...

eh arsenal fan, slalu lyn match kt mapley mn?

Merissa K. said...

adoi. tak berbaloi la datang awal sangat sampai mcm tu. bukan nya Arsenal main pun. ahahaha.

LOL. kalau i kasi tau tengok kat mapley mana pun, u tau tak mapley yg mana satu yg i meant.. :) hee

Nurul Aain said...

oh sha, you were the bookworms at the mamak when u were in foundation, remember? :P

and don't get me started on no #2

like anum always said, it's KARMA!! (dengan mata terbeliak and amaze)

Just_najmiE said...

ahahaha... i got no experience since tak minat tgk bola.. but it's kinda fun to read ur perspective! (^^,)

Syaida said...

tasha!!! were the people having a study group in darus???? yg dkt meja belakang tu?? yang selalu dgn buku buku mas engineering stuff?? kalau ya, omg!!!i hate them! sebab sebok gila nak kena gak belajar dekat tmpt org nak makan!!! wth?? dahlar belajar mlm jumaat, mlm sabtu!! wtf?? gi balik belajar ar weyh. buat sakit hati jer orang takleh nak mkn dkt situ sebab diorang nak belajar. manusia. suka menyusahkan hidup manusia lain. :P

Merissa K. said...

i went to mamak bawak buku ONCE time foundation! and that was because we were starving. i tak tengok masa orang tengok bola. there was nobody else kat JE. hmph. hahaha

alaa it applies to anybody else yg tak tengok bola jgk. heheh. u tak tension ke kalau pergi mamak time exam week nampak orang study pulun gila? mcm IN UR FACE! hahahah

EXACTLY!!!! its like HELLOOOOO weekend kotttt. haha. and its not only kat darus, i dah nampak kat banyak mamak dah. cis kiasus. (padahal rasa bersalah because i sendiri tak belajar hehe)