Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is Why Parents Are NOT Supposed to Facebook

Situation 1

Hadi has been putting off approving his dad on Facebook. The dad then sent a message, blackmailing him.

Oh. Taknak kawan abah eh? Tak nak kasi duit!

And because everyone needs money to eat and go for a few karaoke sessions,
'Abah' was straight away approved.

Situation 2

Sabri (whom i dreamt about semalam, funnily enough) commented on Hadi's picture,
wei. bila nak party lagi?

And Hadi's dad butted in :
Nak party apa nya? Study pun tak habis habis lagi!

Situation 3

Hadi's brother (banyak cerita pasal hadi, yes i know. haha) wrote 'I miss you abah' on their dad's wall.

To which, their dad replied,
Hmmh kau nak rindu apa nya? Abah ada kat rumah, kau asyik keluar je.

It's safe to say that Hadi's brother is always at home during the weekend from that point on.

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That concludes my argument. Thank you very much. :)


nisa ~ shasha said...

lawak gile okay!

Just_najmiE said...

baahahaha!~~ =DDD

dania said...

owh, its really funny.. :)

Putra said...

sampai sekarang mak aku dalam firend's request list. tak sampai hati reject!

Adziim said...

What can I say, parents are human too.
Both parents and children make mistake.

L.Lawlett said...

thats funny
luckily my dads didnt find my facebook
sorok my name .ahahahha

GGK said...


Merissa K. said...

Epic no? cant picture it kalau my parents buat perangai perangai mcm tu. hahahahah

mohd ikhwan said...

lo.but still thre's one mom dude out there said:
ohh nk party?nk iTot!!

a super mom tht is.

xwizit said...

Lol! The MILF & boob one is my fav. Haha Thanks Tasha, you gave me a good laugh!

Fatin Shaza said... That's hilarious. Thanks for introducing me. Learn something everyday :D