Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Letter to Myself

Dear Future Tasha,

I have been influenced by How I Met Your Mother and am now writing a letter to you Ted Mosby style.

I am writing with the purpose of reminding you that you DONT DESERVE to feel the slightest bit remorseful when your exam result comes out.

This is because :
- my insistence on procrastinating will not reflect well on you
- i am solely depending on luck for my paper tomorrow and i should let you know earlier not to let your hopes up
- Design of Steel has always been our enemy.

Let me remind you that it is now only 12 hours away from the paper, and I am too busy being a nutcase to actually revise.

So there. If you so much as mutter 'damn. i shouldve studied for this paper', memang aku sekeh kepala kau lepas tu gelak kuat kuat.

Sincerely yours,
Present Tasha


jeff said...

habislah tasha dah (semakin) barai.

Merissa K. said...


GGK said...

how do u write the adress hehehehe

Merissa K. said...

it's not meant to be posted. hahaha. takut it loses its way, sampai kat orang lain, nanti free free kena gelak besar. hehehe

Igniz said...

Dear Past Tasha,

I'm a blog-friend of yours from the future. I'm writing this letter to remind you about 2 things, and you can choose either one of them, not both.

1. If you decided to further your study in Engineering, then make sure you don't have a blog, Formspring & Facebook account. These things will make you write yourself a don't-regret letter to the future you in the future. (I hope you understand this sentence)

2. If you decided not to study Engineering, then I just want to let you know, you might do well as a writer. At least you won't complain about Design of Steel and stuff that I have no idea what they are.

3. You'll get lots of perverted questions at your Formspring page.

4. You'll get to know a real superhero in person.

Okay, I said i was gonna remind you about 2 things, aite? This is me keeping that promise. So, that's all. :D

GGK said...

thats 4 thing lah.... chait hahahah

Merissa K. said...

Dear Present Igniz,

1. Thank you for the reminder. But seeing as i'm almost done with my degree anyway, i have decided to suck it up even though i was forced to do this in the first place.

2. Thank you for your faith in me. Nak nangis sekarang boleh? :')

3. Your number three is so random, i dont know what to say. ngahaha.

4. Manaaaa superhero manaaaaa?


Merissa K. said...

hahahahaha. good point. good point. i was wondering about the same thing!

amywammy said...

LOL, Igniz' point no.3 is soo spot on. Mana you kutip orang cam tu Tasha?

If only they'd realise your brain is a big as your boobs :p

Merissa K. said...

Amy, i tak tipu, i terharu gilaaaaaaaaaa!