Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why Would You Want To Blend In When You Can Stand Out?

I'd like to tell you that i'm different.
and that i am unique.

That i was uncool way before it was cool to be uncool.

That i am not like anything and anyone that you've ever met before.
But that would be a lie.
Worse still, that would be a cliche.

So many have claimed that they are different.
And it makes me think, what's so bad about being the same as everyone else?

Cuz i can bet you all the money i have
(which is really not that much, heheh)
that whatever you've been through,
there are others who have been through the same thing.

And why do some people insist on being different?
Do you really have to state your uniqueness?
If you're truly different,won't it simply radiate out of you without you having to make a single statement?

Dont take this the wrong way, ive done it too in the past.
At the time, i felt it was as if people only saw one side of me.
And i wanted people to know that i was more than what they saw.

what? just because i wear shorts pergi mamak, does that mean i am not the kind yang baca Yassin every Thursday night?
Just because i buat statement bimbo tak ingat dunia, does that mean i am incapable of discussing anything remotely intelligent?

Siapa ajar korang buat stereotype macam tu haa?

But maybe the lesson to be learnt here is that,
IT'S OKAY if society doesnt see you as who you entirely are.
Because there will be this one person,
who will come into your life
(atau mungkin they are already in it as im typing this)
and this person, will take the time to discover every nook and cranny of you
and love you as who you are.

Regardless of you being different,
or just the same as everyone else.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

same goes to, just because i'm fat it is not necessarily that i can't have the hottest guy in the crowd.

yes, people are cliche.
semua salah...buat assumption sendiri.
sometimes we often wonder, why do they have to be so boring.
macam drama yang kita dah tau ending.

Afiq Abd Malik said...


All of us,
we don't have to be a good musician,
we don't have to be a good friend,
we don't have to be a good follower,

we don't need to be anything.

We just have to be a good human being.


Merissa K. said...

Sha :
assumptions are nasty. dan yes, like u said, membosankan. :)

Afiq :
as always, you are right. :D

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

life gets a little bit too wrong when people start to redefine you. well let them be, because by doing so they are redefining themselves too.

to a lower extend, of course.

GGK said...

because if you stand out while playing paintball you will get shot.

Merissa K. said...

Jack :
putting aside those who judges, you shouldnt have to compromise what you are simply to please others, no?

so life is a round of paintball session? :)

GGK said...

life = pain, excitement, happiness, competition, friendship

paintball = life = pain, excitement, happiness, competition, friendship

Merissa K. said...

well compared, my man, well compared. hahahahha

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

Never, sha. Did it once, never liked it; never did, never will. Unless they pay me well. after all i am quite a good actor.

first they play judge. once encouraged they play the executor. then they play god, none of which they are able to perform perfectly.

vicious and vain! pathetic little people. i have no respect at all!

p/s: word verification pagi ini adalah pucchys. lol

s h a g o o said...

who are we to judge? we are all the same.
never judge, and be yourself. =)

and yeah, ive found mine! (if you know what i mean) =P

Merissa K. said...

Jack :
tak perlu bitter bitter. senyum saja :)

p/s : apakaaaaah? haha. word verification makin hari makin merapu!

Shagoo :
oh, i know what you mean. of course i know what you mean. hehe

balqis said...

streotyping kadang2 membunuh~

Merissa K. said...

and confirm lah jadi uber tak best kalau muka keluar newspaper jadi orang first dalam malaysia yg kena bunuh dgn stereotype kan? :)

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

itulah! oh sentiasa saja aku tersenyum. tapi senyum itu seringkali maksudnya lainlain. aku kan asamboi; masam-masam-manis gaya nano-nano.

gila. WV kali ini adalah hontan!