Thursday, May 6, 2010

dalam otak ada masalah

this will be a tad bit deep.
(or at least that's how i intend it to be aa haha)

i've often wondered what's the purpose of us living.
what exactly was God aiming to achieve when he created us,
along with emotions, insecurities and determination
(add on another 27462542 kinds of emotion and we're good to go!)

i think
ive got some hint as to what it might be

we need to learn.
(ok jangan start gelak lagi, tunggu dulu sekejap while i elaborate!)

macam ini lah,
if you want to get A's for your exam,
you'll have to study.
(kalau tak payah study pun boleh score, anda bukan manusia. this post is not relevant to your species. boleh tutup browser ni sekarang)

In life,
to score,
you need to study jugak.
(tapi pemalas pemalas semua boleh tepuk tangan sekarang, because this form of studying does not involve buku of any kind)

In life there will be obstacles.
Ini kira macam, quiz and tests lah.
So in order for you to score during the finals,
kena go through the past tests and quizzes,
look at the questions that you got wrong and find the right answer to it.

Sebab if you get the same question wrong time finals,
you're gonna have to repeat the semester.
Faham tak analogy i sekarang?

Selagi you tak learn from your mistake,
you will face the same kind of problems
(with minor details altered)
And the loop will go on, until one fine day,
you look at the bigger picture and
sedar sendiri what your problem really is.

All these teeny weeny problems (even the huge ones) that you're always complaining about,
it is to make you know yourself a little bit better.
The closer you get to knowing yourself,
the closer you are to God.

That's what i believe lah.
Korang tak nak percaya sudah.


Dura said...

babeeee!!!guess what?its a quarter life crisis ur describing, soul searching, mind blowing, insecure jap happy sekejap..

n im facing that same experience.. and the truth the end of the day it ends with god. now we know our good and bad traits, we try our best to be better n to never regret about the past...xxxx

Merissa K. said...

it is, isnt it?

u mean, ur going thru it right now? ahhh who am i kidding. its an endless cycle anyway.
cant run away from it no matter how hard we try.


i hate learning. it sucks that ive to do it anyway. its either that, or go terjun bangunan. haha