Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September Babies!

This is a few days late. But on the eve of 7th September, two of my favourite people in the world celebrated their bday. Whee. Gembira Gembira.

Dont you guys just feel OLD and WRINKLY? Tee hee.


Yea yea. Got muka Syafiq also, i know. But since bday Syafiq pun is only a few days away, tak pe la kan?

Anyways baby, here's to a few great years we've had together. Im soooo sorry i couldnt make it to your bday bash/farewell party. And im soo sorry that i couldnt sneak away from all these bloody work to send u off kat KLIA.

I know ur mad and that you probably hate my guts, but thats okay, because i know u love me anyways jugak. Haha. And i know ur gonna miss me. U better, cuz ill miss your skinny ass once ur all the way there.

Once i start working and dah kaya, ill come visit u. Promise promise. Please behave in UK nanti okay? We remember what happened last time, dont we? hehehe.

Dura, I love you super duper banyak. You've been my hommie for god knows how long dah. And thankssss for offering ur katil every single time i gaduh dengan Dzul. Thanks for being the best listener there is. I love youuuu. and i totally get why Don loves u jugak. Haha.

Ill miss you. I will. And Happy 21st Bday Darling!


Ya, happy 20th! Haha! Kamu dah lagi tua dari saya! LOL.

You're my twin sister(kononnya lah) and i will always always sayang kamu. We've been thru thick and thin and we always will(harapnya lah.)

Ur an adult now so you cannot join me buat perangai bodoh bodoh anymore. At least not for the next err 9 days. hehehe.

Getting you a bday present this year will be tough.
One, sebab im broke. Hehe.
And two, sebab it seems like ur already so happy. I dont know what to get you yg blh make you any happier.


Ilai, anda terbaiks.

Remember okay, kmk sayang ngan ktk. Mun ada pa pa, padah jak terus ngan kmk. Iylia ya ada sigek jak. Sik pat mok ganti ganti bah. Even mun ktk happy camney pun, even happy lalu ngan org lain, iboh lupa ngan kmk. Hehe.

Love you sis.


Chocolate said...

her kesimpulan is, her bday is a few days away.

don't forget to wish me, and throw me damn big birthday party. ingat tau, my birthday is coming. don't you dare forget to wish me.

azik said...

1. i dont get any parties.
2. u forgot to wish my birthday.
3. u haven't treat me yet.
4. takde blog birthday tuk i pun.

taaanaaak wish bday u nanti.....=((((

[YeOp] said...

wah, kitak pandey klaka sarawak juak huh? hehe..

dura said...

babe i just googled my name and this came!!awww huns so sorry it was late!thank you so sweet of you!how have u been?havnt heard from u since i left!hope ur well n yes im behaving here ok!i miss u dear.xx

Merissa K. said...

i was just googling ur name this evening jugak to see if u had a blog ke apa ke. ngee. but i couldnt find anything.

im glad u found this post. it means i spelt ur name correctly. hahaha.

i miss you badly k babe. the other day i went back and realized that with u gone, i dah takde hommie dah. dah la hani pun dah takde. tsk tsk.

email me or something babe!!! tolong la keep me updated with whats happening with you. huhu.

sad said...

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