Thursday, September 11, 2008

Russell Brand's statement that i would put as my YM status if it werent too long.

I saw the MTV Video Music Awards 2008 earlier on today.
All because the roommate nagged me to and i was shit bored.
Hee hee.

There was something that the host said that caught my attention and left me pondering hours after. This was what Russell Brand said (almost!) verbatim.

As a representative of the global community of visa or from abroad(???), i dont wanna come across a little bit biased but could i please ask of you people of America to please elect Barrack Obama. Please!

On behalf of the world! Some people.. some people.. i think they're called racists say America is not ready for a black President. BUT! I know America to be a forward-thinking country right? because otherwise, you know, would you have let that retarded cowboy fella be President for 8 years?

We were very impressed.. We thought it was nice of you to let him go, because in England, George Bush wont be trusted with a pair of scissors.

Oh. And that bit about Sarah Palin. Hah! That got me laughing hard. Imagine that boy literally masturbating with a condom on and actually burying it after. Tch.

Mr Brand was more like a stand up comedian instead of VMA's host. Anyways, back to what i was saying. I think it's real fresh to see politics being talked about and biased upon so openly. Ud never get that in Malaysia.

Try and make that kind of a statement on Anugerah Industri Malaysia(or is it Muzik?) or Anugerah Bintang Popular or Juara Lagu. Psst, thats about all of the award shows that we have in Malaysia right? you'd either get sent off to jail or get falsely accused of doing something that you have absolutely nothing to do with, and then get sent off to jail.


And they say we have the freedom of speech. Tch. Our country is rigged.


Anonymous said...


I know! Funny kan?

But too bad the critics found him as the worst host ever..

But yeah, if we were to say that kind of things in M'sia,

I guess we would end up like Raja Petra..


Merissa K. said...

hahaha. yeaahhh. but good the thing the MTV people agree with us!


theyve booked him to be the MC for 2009's VMA. right after the show okk. but he hasnt accepted yet. we'll see. he was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I just didnt knw he felt tht way abt politics and The Jonas Brothers. Heheheh.

Oh. And hello to youu. Lama tak dengar frm u. hehehe.

one of these days, when i get the chance to emcee the big awards show, ill try it out. lets see if theyll Petra me or not. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Yup! Hopefully he'll accept it..

I just looooove him..

His great.. The critics don't know what they're talking about..

N yeah, hellooooo to you too dear..

I've been very busy with studies..

Haven't seen you in like a gazillion years.. hahaha :p

I'm looking forward to that.. If they Petra you, I'll be the 1st one protesting outside the court.. Ngee~ :p

valium said...

from last night,
i can't forget that grandma tap-dancing
i know
whole other show
but damn cute and damn hilarious

oh and they should definitely book Brand for next year
THAT accent is totally worth it!

Francis Bacon said...

freedom of speech is a double edged sword. especially in culturally volatile nation that is malaysia. we have a long and chequered history of violence that was sparked by a slip of the tongue.

take for instance the Ahamd Bukit Bendera drama that have been going on for the past few weeks. he is being labelled a racist and other unmentionable for saying what he believed in. in the US this will fall under the the first amendment.i am no racist but i do believe that even racist have rights. heck.. if Nawawee can use the azan to piss people off and got away scott free ( using the Freedom of speech as a shield) why isn't Ahmad Bukit Bendera given the same treatment?

the hypocrasy of democrasy

we do have people takinga mickey out of politicians in malaysia. it's in the blogs. TV is now no longer relevent. lets be honest. when was the last time youw atch the news on the telly. Then compare that to the last time you read a political blog? see. so freedom of speech is alive and well in malaysia to an extend.

going back to freedom of speech i personally would want not want to live in a society with too much freedom. i am old fashioned and a firm believer in moderated freedom of speech.

well that's just me

as for mr Brand. i dont find him hilarious at all. i'm more of a Ricky Grevais and Carlin kind of guy. comedians with brains and make you think while you laugh your ass off

Chocolate said...

i don't like him lah Tasha.

sad said...

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