Sunday, September 7, 2008

diary of a 9 year old

i used to have a little yellow duckie. or maybe it was orange in colour.
i cant remember.
but i took it wherever i went.
its probably not as special as the ones you used to have.
it doesnt make any kind of squeaky sound when u press its tummy.
nor does it have any exceptional talent.

its indifferent to those duckies that you can find at the pasar malam for a mere price of RM2.

but its my duckie.
and i was never bored of it.

until one day..
when i was busy playing with the new dolls Mummy got me, i abandoned Yellow Ducky(or maybe Orange).
and i left it somewhere.

I lost it.

I cried.
And i made Daddy call the police to report the missing duck.
But its lost.

And Ducky never found its way back to me.

p/s: Oh yes. This is metaphorically speaking sweethearts. :D

1 comment:

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