Sunday, September 14, 2008

when people talk behind your back, you know you're ahead of them. :)

Dzul(thats the boyfriend) and I enjoy arguing in public.
You might say that we are attention-seekers.
Or you might also say that we are bigheaded and tak tahu malu.

But I say, the arguments that we have over a few cups of teh tarik suam and teh o ais are so that we can debate our points and laugh about it afterwards, with friends being the witnesses.

Often, these arguments end up as a big joke for the group.

And thats fine by us.

UNFORTUNATELY. There are ears around whom overhears the heated squabble and makes their own conclusion.

"If im him, i wouldve just left her. Why would anyone want to be with someone like her?"

said the observers.

Hahh! Honey, what gives you the right to judge me from afar?

Sure. I might have done things that you find inappropriate.

1) Im loud. When i talk the entire mamak can hear me.
2) I laugh hard. Perhaps thats not girly by your standard?
3) I curse like a robot programmed to do so. The female Bender of Futurama. hmmm.
4) I talk with my feet up a chair. Soo not ladylike ehh?
5) Oh. And of course. I puff away like nobody's business. So mcm lelaki kan?

Here's me defense reasons. Not that i owe u any explanation.

1) I come from a big family. At home, to be heard, you have to shout.
2) Same reason as above.
3) Been brainwashed by the guy friends.
4) Its more comfortable that way. If u dont like to be comfortable, then thts ur prob, not mine.
5) I picked the habit up because of a HUGE thing that happened to me 2 years back. I dont have any intention to tell u abt the incident. Nor do i expect u to understand.

All i've to say is that you've never taken the time to get to know me.
Or at least talk to me.
Which means you really dont know what ur talking abt.
And until you have been in a relationship with me, you really have no rights to determine whether or not my bf should dump me.

Just say hello, i dont bite. :)
Really, i dont.

You might think that ur better than me,but seriously, ur not.
Trust me.
Because unlike you, ive actually taken my time to befriend people like you.




Chocolate said...

sha, i talk behind your back all the time.

but it is not because i think im better than you.
(im lying, i do always think im better than you)

it's because u never in front of me nowadays.
balik laa, i miss you la busuk.

hehehe. tak de kaitan kan?

tapi suka laaaa.

aween mokhtar said...

hye..ive been reading ur blog..n im your senior =)~

I think u r a very confident and expressive person. And it's a good thing that you can bear w all the snide remarks people give behind ur back.

It's not worth it to take these crap things seriously. People will always be judgemental. So, just be ignorant because it's a bliss. Heh. Keep on writing =)

Hani said...

haha zainur demit gile kool 'IM YOUR SENIOR'. tasha dun buy her words this kakak aween is as cute as not sesuai langsung jadik senior :P

people talks behind your back means you're famous. looking it from the bright side makes it feels even better.

plus bitching about you means wanna getting close to u. daa. experience talks! :P

aween, i love love you, you noe dat :P

Fieda said...

it's a normal situation , you know. people talk crap behind ur back , act as if they know everything, spread bullshits bla bla yada yada.

screw them! , buat bodoh and i know u know u're better than them.

i love u bebeh! ;)

p/s: im ur junior. haha (nak jugak!)

Merissa K. said...

noin: i can always count on u to make cynical comments kan? hahahaha. u can say it all u want honey but we both knw who's better than who sebenarnya. hahahahahahahah.

i miss you too btw.

aween: thanks. seriously, thanks. you dont know how that touched me. hehe. okay gooey gaga. but honestly, uve made my day with what u think. :D

hani: LOL. now now arent you the wise one. heheheh. saya suka la kamu ni! :P

fieda: u crack me up la babe! hahahaha. yea yea. we all know dont we? tee hee hee. thanks sayanggg!

sad said...

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