Thursday, September 18, 2008

birthday buddies

Here's to my Birthday Buddies.

Syafiq Hanif, Kin Keong, Shaiful Dharma and Sofia Shaharom.

I love you guys to lil bits and pieces. We're all 20 now(except for Dharma who's 24!) Whoot whoot! Yeayyy. I love September 19. hahaha.

You guys are the greatest. Seriously. It must be the same-birthday bond or something. Hee hee. You guys have a great one. We have to get together and celebrate. Really. Dont cancel on me, itll break my heart. Haha. Tapi korg kena belanja la because im dead broke. Hohoohoho.

Again, HAPPY FABULOUS BIRTHDAY! if ur drinking, have one on me. If ur not, makan cake tu ingat ingat i ok?

Love love Loooooveeeee.

-fithri natasha merissa kartika


dominique said...

hye natasha! you probably dont know me.. but anyway, i just want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may u have a wonderful life ahead. lurve yr blog so much. *pls.dun make it private okkay* HEE..


fara said...



happy belated a year older!

[YeOp] said...

happy birthday tasha! :)

20? welcome to the club~ lol

merissa kartika? fuiyoh. nama ala2 indonesian celebrity. wakaka~ :P

adzlanayob said...

Happy belated birthday :D


all the best!

Merissa K. said...

dominique: thanks for the wish darling. uve made me a very happy 20 year old girl. hee.

fara: thanks sayang. and the excitement didnt go amiss. kiss kiss.

yeop: yeayy! thanks for the warm welcome. haha. tho 20 doesnt feel tht much different frm 17. yeaa i know. time kecik kecik i selalu kena tease sebab nama mcm bibik. hahahaha.

alan: thanks alan. :)

sad said...

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