Thursday, March 17, 2011

on top of my mind

1. an average person falls asleep in 7 minutes.
i often have to lie down for hours, staring at the ceiling (entertaining wild thoughts) before i finally manage to move to Dreamland. 
i dont know if that means i'm not average, or i'm not a person.

2. in French class, i learnt :
Il est bien, mais ses amis sont bizarres !
which means : he's all right but his friends are weird. 
the lecturer said that this sentence is surprisingly useful. claims that she uses it everyday. being in Tronoh, i'm not surprised (and if you're wondering where Tronoh is, you've just proved my point heheh). Just saying.

3. lately, i keep finding myself on the brink of giving up. but each time, you pulled me away from the ledge. if it wasn't for you, i would've been able to tell you what is in the abyss by now. thank you for babysitting me.

4. I came across this video :

It's a French version of 'Hold Me Tight' by Les Baronnets. Sure, they aren't as good as The Beatles were but the song is still pretty cute.

5. as much as i try to remind myself, i keep forgetting that some things are unexplainable. these things ought to be left by itself for if you try too hard to make sense of it, before you know it, you will be carted off to a psychiatric ward. i should know, there has been too many nights in which i broke down crying simply because i was thinking too much and i couldnt make sense of the thoughts in my head.

6. do you realize that time passes by really fast when you're not doing anything? which sucks because it is when you're at your laziest and not in the mood to do anything that datelines try their hardest to smother you. and when you're taking the time to be as useful as humanly possible, that is when the weekend never seems to come around. whose idea was it again to have a 7 day week ?


Joan said...

for #5: there's a good thing in allowing ourselves to plunge into the depths of our soul - we get more familiar with the nuances of our emotions and over time we manage to either control or liberate ourselves (okay certainly this is joan talking :>)

Merissa K. said...

Albert Einstein once said :

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."

on the other hand, if i keep questioning and probing my fear of the future, what good can come out of it?

because, after all, life is unexpected. and no matter how hard i try to expect the unexpected, the best thing there is to do is to just be prepared for the present.