Monday, January 23, 2012

on things that dont make much sense

There is a friend of mine, who quite frankly, is one of the best guy I know.
I should think anyone would be lucky to be granted his companion.
But as no one has ever promised that life will be easy, it is only natural to be greeted with downfall after downfall, I guess.

However, from where I am standing, it looks like he's growing up, one heartbreak at a time (so at least some good is coming out of it right?)
Which led me to thinking that we are all simply being prepped up for when the time is right.

So, as long as we strive to be a little bit better at a time, it should all be good, yes?
Please. Someone needs to confirm this bit.
I'd like to think that happiness can be achieved given enough effort and goodwill.
Clarification on this theory will be greatly appreciated (in fact, any feedback at all will do).


Frau J said...

I agree! From my own experience, I learn to push myself to move on and be a better person after every heartbreak and disappointments. Remembering awful memories and cultivating hate will only drag me down and left me mopping around for weeks.

I will feel better after letting stuff go, and trying new things. To me it's okay to ignore it first by filling my time doing everything else and only deal with it when I'm ready to move on. I believe now I'm more patient and less temperamental than I was years ago!

Maria Elena Zarul said...

"So, as long as we strive to be a little bit better at a time, it should all be good, yes?"

- yes tasha, yes =)

Sloeko loe said...