Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mommy mommy

i never thought i'd say this tapi here goes,
I cannot tengok my Mom's Facebook profile sebab dia dah private kan! Ish! Nak rindu comel comel pun tak blh. Haih.

I missed my mom today, simply out of the blue, really. And i didnt have that many pics of her. so i thot i'd stalk her Facebook page and look at her pics there. Tapi dia dah pandai main private. Hmph.

Serves me right for making the whole 'Facebook is for friends ma. I can talk to you guys at home. Guna je la ur FB to ckp with ur friends. Dont mix family and friends. Not a pretty business, that one' speech to her.

bottom point is, jangan eksyen eksyen.


s h a g o o said...

aiii syian yek =)

joynstar said...

humph...let me guess, your mum look cool la, sort of cool mum kinda thing. and ass spanking mama too. I bet she spanked you more than your dad did.

green apple said...


sad said...

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